SINISTER “Relentless Waves of Brutality” 

By Dr. Abner Mality

When death metal got its bloody start, SINISTER was there. They were at the very forefront of the scene in Europe, along with the likes of CARNAGE, DISMEMBER and NIHILIST/ENTOMBED. The demented Dutchmen made an immediate impression with “Cross The Styx”, which remains one of the Good Doctor’s favorites even today. That was just the start. With the release of their latest slab of rage, “Deformation of the Holy Realm”, SINISTER has reached 14 full albums. No mean feat for any band, in any genre.

Mr. Aad Kloosterwaard has been with SINISTER every step of the way. In fact, you can pretty much say that Aad IS SINISTER. He’s shepherded his band through many line-up changes, but always keep the sound consistent...and consistently brutal! “Deformation of the Holy Realm” is no different.

It was a real pleasure to connect with this father of mayhem and find out more about the mighty SINISTER. Here’s the interview…

WORMWOOD CHRONICLES: Greetings to SINISTER! The band has now been active more than 30 years. Does it seem like it’s been that long or has the time seemed to flash by?

AAD KLOOSTERWAARD: Time is flying by, it’s really insane! I remember like yesterday when we signed for Nuclear Blast,and look, it’s now 32 later but SINISTER’s still going strong.

WC: “Deformation of the Holy Realm” is the 14th SINISTER album. How difficult is it staying true to your brutal sound but also keeping things fresh?

AK: The most important thing is to have fun in what you are doing. Second thing is that we all love extreme music and this is the music we love to play so to keep the flag of brutality high is no problem for Sinister. And of course you should never get too satisfied in what you are always have to challenge your self and try to do it better or in a different way.

WC: Has there been any real change in the way you compose your music over the years?

AK: No not really we always have the same way of working and we feel good using this method. First we create guitar riffs and than we start building the songs. Ghislain one of our guitar players is now creating most of the riffs and songs. He sends them around so all members can get an impression from what is going on. This is a good way of working so when the band hits the practice room we all know what to do. 

WC: On the new album, you experiment with church organs and choirs on “Scourged by Demons” and “Oasis of Peace-Blood From the Chalice”. What led you to trying for this bigger sound?

AK: Ghislain and me spoke about this in the process of creating new music. We both like this type of sound a lot so why not try it? It’s a new element in our music so it will sound fresh. For the next record you can expect this sound again for sure.

WC: A lot of the tunes on “Deformation...” revolve around religion. Is this a concept album?

AK: No .. this is the kind of lyrics Sinister has always done or have done. I say “have” because we are thinking about stepping away from these kind of lyrics. Toep our drummer has a new concept in mind for the next record.  Four pieces of lyrics are already finished for next album in this style.

WC: Do you find any redeeming features in religion or is it a complete waste of time and energy?

AK: Yes, it’s  a complete waste of time. Religion is a poison that only brings violence and hatred to people.

WC: I’m curious about “Unique Death Experience”...what’s the idea behind this song?

AK: That you slowly die, and then descend to the deepest depths of existence. Experiencing intense torture. Death has proven to be your worst nightmare, the most horrible way to die.

WC: “Entering the Underworld” is a cool and unique sounding little song. Could you ever see yourself using more of this kind of sound?

AK: Yes ,for sure we will do this more of this type of music. This kind of stuff is always cool in the beginning and at the end of an album..

WC: What are some of the non-death metal influences you have in your music?

AK: I am a really big fan of extreme metal and listen to this for 90% of the time. But next to this I like to listen to industrial like DEATHSTARS and GOTHMINISTER.

WC: The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world. Can you see the band playing live some time in 2020?

AK: SINISTER is a band that loves to play live shows so for us this situation is a real horror show.The only thing that we all can do is cross our fingers that this pandemic will go away as fast as possible.

WC: A lot of death metal bands have written about terrible plagues infecting the world. Now we have one for real. What are your thoughts on this?

AK: To live like this with all the rules and stuff is horrible. Now we can see how lucky we are when we can live the life we like in full freedom. Like I said before, it’s something we have to accept and when all people will honor the rules it will pass  .. and then finally we can hit the fucking stage again, haha. 

WC: Are there any other bands or projects outside SINISTER you are involved with?

AK: Yes, I do vocals in a band called VORACIOUS SCOURGE together with Mike Smith Ex SUFFOCATION and Tony Choy Ex PESTILENCE and the mastermind behind all this Jason McIntyre. The new record will come out on Augusr 21 and will be called “IN DEATH”.

WC: If you could ask any 3 people from history to dinner, who would they be? 

AK: Wow, what a question .. will answer this one next time hahaha.

WC: Has SINISTER ever had any “Spinal Tap” moment where things went wrong that you could tell us about?

AK: One thing that I can remember is when I was still playing drums. People were going crazy stage diving, crowd surfing.Fans were falling in our stage banners and I was checking around and thinking like shit, this is so cool, but in the mean time I forgot to play and lost complete track in the song I was playing. I really had no idea anymore what part to play so we had to stop this song and go on to the next one. 

WC: Any last words for the fans?

AK: That I am still really thankful that people like SINISTER that much after all these years, and we hope to meet you all very soon at one of our shows.