Welcome To Violence!

Written by Jens  Hellroute 

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's the most violent and retarded black metal punk act in Denmark. Sexdrome - a bunch of escaped drugcrazed lunatics from a mental home? Members of the dreaded Wing Tsun martial arts mafia? Male zionist prostitutes?

All this and more will be revealed in the very first interview with Copenhagen's infamous 4-piece of amped up psychosexual mayhem. Line-up: Loke (vox), Anton (drums), Bo (bass) and Alexander (guitar). Enjoy it, assholes. Nihilism is sweeter than semen.

WORMWOOD CHRONICLES: Pruneface to Sexdrome, why the change of name? Anything with 'sex' is of course cool, but still...

ANTON: We were lacking a bandname 10 minutes before our debut-show. Bo went through all the Dick Tracy villains he could remember and all of a sudden we had a band name. We changed it later on, because we really didn’t think it fit the style of music we played. Also, imagine a sexdrome. Pleasant in an unpleasant manner.

BO: I was against it.

WC: The Pruneface demo, "Mystery Machine", sounds like a mongoloid with ADD being drowned in a toilet. How did you record it?

LOKE: We recorded it in our rehersal room, with Magnus from De Høje Hæle. 

WC:Why are Sexdrome shows so violent? That one with Iceage at Lygten was especially retarded.

LOKE:  Me and Alexander's old band Womanhead did a lot of very violent shows. People seem to expect the same form of aggression. Sexdrome is aggressive music so shows turning into fights is really not that strange. I would much rather play violent shows, than the usual backscratching ”Happy Hardcore” attitude.

ANTON: Yeah. Luckily I sit in my fortress or ivory tower if you will, during shows.

WC: Any of you studying martial arts...and why? Jacob of Dead Instrument can beat y'all.

BO: French.


ALEXANDER: Jacob is ok, but my bong sau will take you out.

ANTON: I can handle Jacob with both my hands tied on my back while nude pictures of Jens flash before my eyes. Loke is into Krav Maga at the moment. 

WC: I'll get you some nude pictures of me, Anton. Okay, Alexander, you still into VERY bad horror movies?

ALEXANDER: I still watch as many as my cranky girlfriend will let me. Actually I was about to see ”The Breed” by Wes Craven,  but I wasn´t allowed. My favorite is "Way Of The Vampire". A must see.

WC: Loke, you started doing one-man noise gigs. You played with Limepit which incl. Christian (Sarah's Charity) and Klaus (Love Potion). Always been a noise freak?

LOKE:  I was into noise before I got into punk and metal. Until now I have only done a few solo shows under the radar. But other than Limepit, I have been runnning Posh Isolation the last year with the two afore mentioned.

WC: Favorite black metal bands...and why?

LOKE: Deathspell Omega, Clandestine Blaze, Absurd, Sortsind, Ildjarn, Bone Awl. Cause they rock.

BO: Ehh, Burzum, Gravsten.

ALEXANDER: Deathspell Omega, Vordr, Peste Noire… Because they’re sick!

ANTON: Mayhem in 1994. Because you’re simply an idiot if you don’t like it.

LOKE: That's true. We forgot Darkthrone, we like them as well, and Bathory, and more there are lots more. Raspberry Bulbs. What's yours??

WC: Early Venom, two first Bathory albums, Possessed, Bulldozer...Cause they're old. And Ildjarn and Tire Fire...Black Metal...Tell me about Garrotte?


WC: Okay. What's best; bad tattoos or cheap drugs?

BO: Achieving one through the other.

LOKE: Agreed

ALEXANDER: Cheap drugs…

ANTON: I’m  scared of both.

WC: Anton, recently one of my (and your) friends were DJing on my radioshow and told you played in an emo-core act called Robin The Boy Wonder...and you were straight edge?

LOKE:  This is a secret.. we don't talk about that stuff.


LOKE: Yeah, none of you has any friends.

ANTON: Ahem, Loke and Alexander both went to a show we played in Ungdomshuset, leaving the place shivering from excitement. Also, if me and Bo had been friends at the time, he would probably have been in the band. And yes, I was straight edge, but it was because I was scared and from the suburbs. There, I said it. Bo and Loke were too. The X’es on their hands are now white lines in their nostrils.

LOKE: We were scared as well, even more scared now.

WC: Sexdrome has just recorded an EP. You're waiting for someone to release it. Does it differ from your 7" on Posh

BO: No.


ANTON: We're waiting just for fun.

LOKE: Maybe.

WC: You see Sexdrome as a part of the K-town scene?

Everyone: NO!

ANTON: Did you see that one coming? You can’t fool us.

WC: What Danish acts do you like?

Everyone: Überkröppling, Damien Dubrovnik, Iceage, Dead Instrument, Undergang, Death Token ,all of Grå Fraktion and the mighty Hellroute 16. (thanks for mentioning my old and recently reformed band, guys). The band we like the least is Love Potion and Steffen in general. Fucking hate that guy.

WC: And he wears glasses and digs hiphop. Anything to add?


ALEXANDER: Fuck you, Fuck dog.

BO: Violin building. RESPECT.

ANTON: How come we haven’t talked about GONER FEST, JAY REATARD, ISRAEL/MOSSAD, MEMPHIS or EVIL ARMY yet? You must be pretty sober.

WC: Sad but true. I'm not even high.

ANTON: Anyways - Me’al Pisqat Hatsa Harfim Shalomla Jerusalahim! (Yeah, we need more Danish Taliban for sure....Dr. Mality)

Photos: Mette Huus Christensen