SATAN’S HOST "No Virgins On This Boat!"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Looks like the old saying about the Devil having the best music has been proven correct again. Or at least he has the best metal! I guarantee that the new Satan's Host record "Virgin Sails" has been getting played to death down in the sweltering confines of Gehenna! I am equally sure that Lucifer is using it to torture Fred Phelps and Osama bin Laden even now!

Seriously, "Virgin Sails" is one of the most unexpected listening pleasures I've had in a long time. It is superb, powerful heavy metal in the purest meaning of the term and the vocals of one Leviathan Thirisen (aka Harry Conklin, formerly of the great Jag Panzer) are sublime to the point of being diabolical. What makes Satan's Host different from so many dark and "evil" bands is their unswerving dedication to true melodic metal. Do not expect murky, trebly production or squealing pig burps from these dudes. This is metal redolent of Nevermore, Testament, Helstar, Iron Maiden and Jag Panzer. But the spirit of Lucifer is never far from Satan's Host.

It's been a long, hard journey for this Denver-based band, who have been preaching their sinister gospel since the mid-80's. "Virgin Sails" is the payoff. No one could be happier than guitar sorcerer and sole remaining original member Patrick Evil.  I interrupted Mr. Evil's vigorous schedule of band practice and blood sacrifice to get a few words from him on the amazing quality of "Virgin Sails", the return of Leviathan to the band after many years and the guiding philosophy behind the Host.

Henceforth I present the results of our conversation...


WORMWOOD CHRONICLES:  Hail to the Host. “Virgin Sails” is such a monumental achievement…do you feel that the entire career of Satan’s Host since 1986 has been leading to this album?

PATRICK EVIL: Yes it all has led up to this point. Each album we do is another step we take further down this path we choose. Even as this album is getting great press I am working hard to finish the next album which is another step farther than this album. I feel we have to keep pushing our music farther every album to keep noticed and to become a force in this industry.
WC: The story of how Leviathan Thisiren (Harry Conklin) returned to the band after so many years must have felt like fate taking a hand. Was his return ordained by some higher power?

PE: I always knew we would reunite together , it was only a matter of time. Together we are an unstoppable force, it is beyond divine intervention that we are together, it is Magick to echo beyond the stars and to make history together.

WC: When Leviathan returned, did he click with the band again right away? Or did it take some time for him to get in the “Satanic” groove again?

PE: I think it took some time to really click together like we do now. At first it was the fear of the unknown that held us back because we needed time to grow together again as a band.

WC: With such tumult in the line-up over the years, does the “Virgin Sails” lineup feel like the final configuration of Satan’s Host?

PE: Yeah, I think this line up is the best together. In the past no one would ever see the same vision or they did not have the patience to grow and wanted everything yesterday. To really develop as a band it takes seeing the same vision and attacking all aspects that will lead us unto victory.

WC:What exactly is the meaning behind the title “Virgin Sails”?

PE: The vision I see is  that we set out on a voyage unknown to conquer new lands but the seas always have the last word. Mother Nature and all the powers that be can set you into places you may have never known, whether good or bad.

WC:  How were the tunes on “Virgin Sails” put together? Patrick Evil has always been a guiding light…do the other members have their say in how things are developed?

PE: Most of the time I have ideas that I bring into the mix and show the band and then we develop together the final outcome. I always want everyone's input so that the song is free and the energies projected are pure . That way we get fans and press that are amazed in what we release.

WC: The pure Satanic beliefs behind Satan’s Host are well-known.  Are those beliefs shared by all members in equal measure? Could it be possible for an atheist or even a Christian to play in the band if they have the musical chops?

PE: I am sure they could but there may not be such freedoms as unleashing the music makes tremendous demands from ourselves.

WC: In its most basic form, what is the ethos behind Satan’s Host? What is the guiding creed?

PE: Our creed in my eyes is one great collective energy, being the musical relationship to our fans. It is part of the left hand path of true freedom that sets you free from constraints such as the fear of going to hell or being tortured after death. We need to carry ourselves with dignity and pride and not shameless futility as most religions in the world teach. To me, metal is my religion and my metal brothers and sisters are my family!

 WC: Both musically and lyrically, is the band still guided by the same ideas as back in 1986…or even 2004? Are those ideas set in stone or are they ever changing?

PE: It’s all one great magnetic being that guides our music and energy that let us enjoy the freedom of music with all our heart. I think it’s a constant change but yet  it is still all very thought out as to not drift too far from shore. We always want to always keep the foundation strong.

WC: You have always kept the melody of classic metal in Satan’s Host despite the rise of “brutal” music like orthodox black metal and death metal. How important is keeping true to that? And have you ever felt tempted to evolve in a more brutal direction?

PE: I think what is important is to always move forward as long as the music keeps inspiring us as a collective.

WC: The lyrics behind some of these songs fascinate me. “Island of the Giant Ants” seems to be a metaphor…can you elaborate on it a bit more?

PE: Yeah,the giant ants represent the governments and religions of the world, and how they selfishly consume us and control us, The only way to break free is as a whole collective together.

WC: How about “Infinite Impossibilities”? What are the impossibilities you are referring to?

PE: The impossibilities we refer to are the people who care to make us mindless slaves and sheep as such.  We need open our minds in true rebellion such as Lucifer to free the world with the belief in ourselves. Open the mind.

WC: Finally, what is “Vaporous of the Blood” about? Is it a reference to vampirism?

PE: It does have vampirism in it. We hide in the shadows and unleash upon the earth all that we are. The bloodline runs true without taint , vaporous among men only to raise us into immortality.

WC: Will Satan’s Host have a stronger live presence now?

PE: That’s our play out as much as we can to show the world we are here to stay and we're not like all these modern bands that cannot play their music live. We play our music better live than on the albums, I believe!

WC: If you could ask any 3 people from history to dinner, who would they be?

PE: Aleister Crowley, Ronnie James Dio, and Anton Lavey.

WC: What was the last CD/release you got just because you wanted to check the band out?

PE: I really enjoyed the band Attic! I bought their album as an import and it was worth every penny I spent!

WC:  What was the last live gig you saw?

PE: I went and saw Watain and I liked their live sound and energy even though their set was only about 45 minutes long.  They kicked ass live!

WC: Has there ever been a “Spinal Tap” moment for Satan’s Host where things went crazy that you could share with us?

PE: With our last singer before Harry, he was a dork and thought about his image before the music . He was so busy with all his makeup and image when he came out on stage behind Hobbit , he ran into his gong and about knocked himself out, which was so funny at the time.

WC: Any last words of inspiration or shout-outs for the fans?

PE: Thanks to all our fans for their support. Demand your record stores to carry our albums and to bring us to your town to play live! We will keep pushing the limits in what we do to bring you the best Metal from Hell! 666