REVEREND AGONY "A Little Agony Goes A Long Way!"

By Benny Hell

In a city that offers as little hope as Rockford and which seems to celebrate trash culture with special vigor, it's inevitable that a band such as Reverend Agony should arise. These young lads, led by the eponymous Reverend himself,are the bastard children of Marilyn Manson but seem to have a heavier and rawer side as well. Their debut CD "Tales of a Fallen Beauty Queen" is a rough ride into degredation and unholiness. We recently met the Good Reverend in confessional to find out the story behind the band...

WORMWOOD CHRONICLES:So how long has The Rev. been a working entity?

REVEREND AGONY: We've been together for four years...

WC: Where did you derive your name from?

RA: It comes from a deep underlying need to preach of the things that put me in agony.

WC: Um... okay, so beyond the theatrics and expression of your agony what are you trying to accomplish with your music?

RA: To put forth something into the music scene that isn't presently there.

WC::If you could encapsulate your sound for someone who had never heard of your band, what would you call yourselves?

RA: Industrial Metal.

WC::You are originally from Rockford; how has playing in such a pristine town affected you and your music?

RA: Being in a town such as Rockford has got us at a definite disadvantage, whereas most people are quick to dismiss the things we do as nothing more than desperate cries for attention. Particularly since we don't fit into the ever present LIMP BIZKIT scene.

WC: What is your opinion of music today, and whom has influenced you the most?

RA: Whereas there is a handful of good bands, most tend to jump on the bandwagon. Our influences are my experences in high school.

PROSTHETSIN(guitarist): Marilyn Manson.

RA: Yeah,definitely. Oh, and Blind Melon, Nirvana, Cradle of Filth, Nine Inch Nails, David Lynch, Stabbing Westward, and Bowie.

WC: Your choice of imagery, both verbal and visual, suggests you have a slightly left of heaven take on things. Where do you stand on the whole God thing and why?

RA: One man's medicine is another man's poison. I just happen to be dying.

WC: On your first (and only) album, Tales of A Fallen Beauty Queen, you tell the story of a very shallow woman whom is consumed by her vanity to such a degree as to make herself hideously ugly inside. Numb, Soiled Dress, and Devirginizer go a long way to really put you within her head. What were the inspirations behind them?

RA: Every song is layered with personal experience, but Numb is our most sucessful musical experiment.

WC:Do you have any plans for another album in the near future?

RA: Right now we are in the studio. We recently completed out first single, and are working on a cover of Roy Orbison's "In dreams". Our music is definitely maturing.

WC: Okay, one last question, and I will let you scurry back to your painful, painful worlds; God versus Satan in an arm wrestling contest. Who wins?

RA: Satan, he kicks under the table.

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