Prong - Damage the Negative

By Mr. and Mrs. Deth

Interviewing Tommy Victor from Prong was a uniquely enlightening experience. He is a funny and forthright guy when sharing his views and answers. Make sure you all check out Prong’s new CD “The Power of the Damager”. You can get it at or check out one of your local Best Buys. If Best Buy doesn’t have it, hound them till they do! You can check out our review for the CD in our torture chamber (link).

Wormwood Chronicles: Are you recovered from your big birthday bash?

Tommy Victor: Yeah...I’m getting everything ready to go back on tour.

WC: Are you happy to get back out on the road?

TV: Happy about it...that’s not exactly my feelings about it, because I am just waiting to see what will go wrong or what will happen this time around.

WC: I see you have Madonna’s tour guitarist Monte Pittman as your bass player. How did that come about?

TV: He has been with us for a long time now and did the Scorpio Rising CD with us…and when he is out doing shows with Madonna, we have to get someone to help us out. He’s awesome, there’s not many dudes that can play their parts like he does. He’s going to be on tour with us this time.

WC: Last time we saw you live, you had Mike as a bass player, was he a fill in?

TV: Mike can’t make it to play this time around. Yeah…Mike was there and helps us out by filling in sometimes. Mike’s got a regular job now…it’s just the music business these days…we can barely survive.

WC: I just love your new CD. I see you will be in Fords, NJ to celebrate the release of it…any particular reason you picked that location?

TV: I have no idea…in fact, it was just a weird thing.

WC: Where did you grow up mostly?

TV: Queens . I’ve been living in L.A. for ten years. Living in New York is way too expensive, you have to be super rich to live there.

WC: Do you have any political opinions you would like to share with our readers, especially relating to the new CD or any past CDs?

TV: Absolutely not…I don’t have specific opinions, I don’t even bother to research anything.

WC: Who or what is "The Damager" in the title?

TV: Negative powers…the song is a reaction to that. It is a regressive response to everything negative. You mentioned politics, that is just one of the negative forces out there.

WC: I heard you are doing some of the soundtrack with Al Jourgenson in the upcoming movie “ Wicked Lake ” and you are also on his record label 13th Planet records. How did you get to know Jourgenson?

TV: I met him a long time ago at Lollapallooza. At first we really didn’t like each other, then we became friends over the years. He eventually started 13th Planet Records and then he twisted my arm to join. I like a lot of the ways he does business, but we don’t agree on everything. We come from the same mold in a lot of ways…both been put through the ringer, etc.

WC: How do you like the 13th Planet record label so far?

TV: I don’t really know yet.

WC: You’re going to be at the Pearl Room in Mokena, Il on November 2nd. Have you ever played at that venue before?

TV: No, I haven’t. What’s it like there?

WC: It is a smaller venue, but it has real good sound and you will like it. What bands will be there with you?

TV: There will probably be local support. We were supposed to bring somebody out after the local support, but it was just becoming a headache…everyone had pretty much had it and I didn’t have enough time to deal with it.

WC: You have so many good songs to choose from, how do you pick which songs to play on tour?

TV: The ones I can sing and play at the same time. It’s not going to be perfect. We are going to be playing some of the original ones that we are playing for the new record. Some shit is just impossible to do live. Come to the show and you will see which ones we are able to do.

WC: Did you ever think Prong would be around all these years?

TV: No, absolutely not. I never knew what the Hell was going on with it. I came real close to calling it quits back then. It ended up being too much trouble and too many disappointments at one time. Then there was always this part of me that was always thinking about the next new record. It was just something inside of me and the metal gods just wanted us to continue. It was always beyond my control…I always got sucked back in.

WC: Do you have any Spinal Tap moments to share with us?

TV: We have this one buddy of ours, he’s sort of an alcoholic. Always calls me every day, wants to help. He’s always like, “we gotta do this, we gotta do that”. We can’t get him off the phone, and we always make the same mistake of bringing him back in, then he gets really wasted, then he will start plugging things in wrong…and he is always around… It’s just weird…I guess you would have to be there. Like we went on this trip to Fort Worth like a couple months ago. It was a fly in show. We were putting it all together, and I told him, “dude whatever you do, don’t be getting wasted”. So, I pick him up at like 9 in the morning to go to the airport and he is already wasted. And all day long he was just driving everyone crazy. Then he wanted to pass out on the side of the stage. Then I almost like beat him up. Then the next day we are like buddies again. It’s always the same thing every time. And we always say no more, but we keep taking him back. We were talking about some new crew guys that we are getting the other day. It’s going to be more serious around here. So we still got to have our friend on tour every once in a while so we can still have entertainment. So he can ruin everything and then we can have stuff to talk about.

WC: Any final thoughts or comments for our readers?

TV: If you have trouble finding the record anywhere, it is real easy to get online and we have a store called 13th planet store (link). You can pick it up there or at Best Buy. You can also reach us on or at You can also check out our upcoming shows.

NOTE: After the interview was conducted, we got the tragic news of the death of Prong member and industrial godfather Paul Raven. This interview is dedicated to his memory...Dr. Abner Mality