POTTYMOUTH “Toilet Humor” 

By Sgt. Deth

First time I heard of Pottymouth was on Facebook. A long time friend was Facebook friends with Jason Boccia (aka Dread Spaghetti) and he turned me on to the filthy insanity that is Pottymouth. Jason Boccia is always posting videos of Pottymouth's rancid shows. He also recently posted an old video from Green Jelly from back in the early 2000s when he played with them for five years. As Jason says below, he is one of the longest playing members of Green Jelly in their history. Jason no longer holds interest in Green Jelly, but he has forged ahead with his band Pottymouth and some other side projects along the way. Pottymouth definitely has some Gwar influence all over the place. In fact, Jason was very outspoken when Oderus passed away and has remarked that he has met him and has also played some music with the scumdog in the past. I am glad to see his memory kept alive and I am sure Oderus would be very proud to see a band like Pottymouth continuing his campaign of debauchery. 

WORMWOOD CHRONICLES: First off, tell us about your current projects. Are you still working on Pottymouth?

JASON BOCCIA:I am the lead shitter of the toilet stew shock rock band from Los Angeles, POTTYMOUTH. I also shred lead guitar for another Hollywood rock band, Jenna Syde and The Watchers.

WC: Was Pottymouth supposed to be like a second Green Jello?

JB: POTTYMOUTH is not a continuation of Green Jello. Green Jello still exists. POTTYMOUTH is like Green Jello, GWAR, SOD, and The Mentors rolled into one band where no one gets along. 
WC: Did you guys get pretty wasted before or during Green Jello shows?

JB: It was 7 years ago that i was in Green Jello so the usual pre show routine would be to eat, rest, meet fans and eventually scout for weed whenever available. 7 years later with POTTYMOUTH, it's pretty much the same routine... 
WC: Who is Jenna Syde and how did you hook up?

JB: Jenna Syde is a Glamazon rock star queen who can sing her balls off. I've known her family throughout the years and she has been involved with a few local bands of her own. Our paths met in 2007 and in 2009, she asked me to start playing guitar for a new band she wanted to create which is now Jenna Syde and The Watchers.
WC: Do you have future plans to work with Jenna Syde in the music industry?

JB: I already do and as of recently, we just signed a vinyl distribution deal with Blastzone Entertainment who will be releasing our first 2 independent discs on vinyl format in 2016 worldwide.
WC: How many bands have you played with?

JB: Too many. I have a problem of loving to help out my friends and their bands whether it's guitar, bass, or drums if asked. Besides playing guitar for Green Jello (2003-2008), I've played drums for Rosemary's BIllygoat, The Radioactive Chickenheads and The "Lectric Chairs. As of recently, I've been stepping in playing bass for Crowned By Fire who are signed to Chrome Mountain Records and have a few gigs coming up in Texas in October that I'm playing on.
WC: How many instruments do you play, and if more than one, what is your favorite?

JB: Guitar is the main instrument. I can hit the drums pretty hard and I'm capable enough to play bass. Also, being a lead singer for POTTYMOUTH is pretty fun because i get to interact with a lot of my fans while performing and offstage at the merchandise booth.
WC:When did you start playing guitar? And how many hours did you practice per week when you started out?

JB: 13 years old. In the beginning, I didn't know and couldn't play a damn thing but through watching videos and other people play, I quickly caught on to it. I'm self taught so learning to play along to albums really helped me learn to make quick gains and to define different styles/ techniques, depending on who I was playing along to.
WC: What was your favorite guest or substitute appearance playing in a band? 

JB: Having Dave Brockie (Oderus Urungus) appear on the 3rd POTTYMOUTH disc, "From The Pink To The Stink" (2013). I am friends with the GWAR guys and we had a show in Richmond, VA while on tour. At the time, we were working on that 3rd disc and I had asked Brockie if he'd sing a few lines on one of the tunes (Doug Does Drugs). He totally did without any questions asked and better than I could have imagined.  There's a whole back story on how his vocals were recorded and that is a memory I am proud of and taking to my grave. To this day, when I hear that song and his part comes up, I pinch myself. I miss that guy as I am sure many of his fans, friends, and family do. RIP Brockie!
WC:.On to politics, how do you feel about the upcoming presidential race? 

JB: It's healthy to see diverse candidates in the Republican party. I am not  convinced on any Democrat candidates though. 
WC: Do you think most of our current politicians are corrupt pieces of crap? 

JB: I consider them child fucking satanists with no regards for what they do.

WC:  How do you feel about the current state of the music industry?

JB:  I'm not thrilled with it. I live in Los Angeles where a lot of the venues you would want to play are or have been shutting down. If not, it's pay to play scenarios. There are still places to play in and around L.A. but the people here are jaded due to the fact every year, there's new bands and faces that move here. So it's a lot of fish in a huge pond. Whenever I tour, it's evident to me that people outside of Los Angeles are so enthusiastic about bands and music and are so much more supportive. Los Angeles is like cereal: fruits, nuts and flakes.
WC: What are your future plans or goals in the music industry? 

JB: To keep doing what I am doing in hopes that one day that whatever it is I do, gets recognized and accepted by metal fans worldwide.
WC: Any tour news? 

JB: Not at this moment. POTTYMOUTH have recorded a 4 song video EP, "Flush 'Em All" which will be released in 2016 and hopefully on Chrome Mountain Records. I am in talks with them in regards to a distribution deal. But it's 4 new songs along with a video to accompany each song. Jenna Syde and The Watchers are busy writing new songs for a 2016 release. As stated above, JSTW signed a vinyl distribution deal with Blastzone Entertainment and will be releasing a vinyl version of our first 2 independent discs titled, "Hollywood Hi-Fi".
WC: Do you think there will ever be a Green Jello reunion?

JB: I am not involved with Jello any more so i can 't answer that. Green Jello still plays and at this point, there have been over 600 members that have come and gone (WTF?!—awestruck Mality). My tenure in that band has been one of the longest and comparable to the original members of the band. Not many people can say they were in Jello for 5 years. There hasn't been anyone who can state that fact and to deal with it for so long.
WC: Do you have any Spinal Tap moments from your past touring experiences to share with our readers? 

JB: There are always many while on tour. In El Paso-TX, we met and hung out with a man with nicest set of tits ever. Better than some women's tits for sure. We were playing next door to a gay club and after we played and loaded out, the gay club also let out. And there was this man/woman hanging out watching and talking to us as we packed up. Those tits were awesomely huge and full. I tried to get him to place his tits on my drummers face at the time but i think he was a bit apprehensive of us 'cuz we are a bunch of crazy, sweaty macho metal heterosexuals just coming off stage. But it was all good and he truly had nothing to worry about.
WC: Any final thoughts for our readers?

JB: Thanks for the interest! Check out and and buy our shit!

Hope to see you in your town soon! Stew on....