Nuclear Assault - Resumptions of Hostilities

By Sgt. Deth

Glenn Evans is well known for his drum playing with Nuclear Assault and C.I.A., but after interviewing him, I found out he is not just any ordinary musician. He does the same thing I do for a living and even has a lot of the same political views.

It seems he has been busy trying to make the world a better place while still keeping to his roots: thrash metal. It is like I heard on the TV series “Sopranos”: “It just keeps drawing me back in...” I don’t think these old school rockers can stand to stay away from the power and glory metal brings.

I am just so glad to see so many bands like Nuclear Assault make more music. It will be interesting to see what words of wisdom they will have for us on their new CD, which is coming out this spring 2005. The lyrics have always been part of what makes Nuclear Assault so great. Glenn will explain more about the roots of those awesome words, and much more.

Wormwood Chronicles: How many original members are in the new Nuclear Assault?

Glenn Evans: Danny, John, and myself. Anthony did a few shows for the reunion tour but had commitments to his job. He did do some work on the new album. We talk every day on the phone and we are still great friends, we went through a lot together.

WC: Whatever happened to Anthony Bramante, and what is his current replacement like?

GE: Like I said, he had prior commitments to his job and family. He is still interested in playing but we will see what happens. His replacement is Erik Burke, who also plays in another band. Erik is a good guy, and a great guitar player. He also plays drums. Who knows, maybe someday he will replace me.

WC: Do you ever listen to Brutal Truth or S.O.D., and what is your opinion about doing side projects?

GE: Well, I used to listen to S.O.D. because I like the album production. I don’t care for Brutal Truth even though I recorded and produced their first demo which also got them their first record deal and once they had a record deal, Danny left Nuclear Assault so I screwed myself. Side projects are okay as long as they don’t interfere with the main project. Live & learn.

WC: Does Dan Lilker ever plan on doing anything with S.O.D. again?

GE: I doubt it. You’ll have to ask Danny. Go to “Ask Danny Dot Com”.

WC: Do you ever plan on doing anything with C.I.A. again?

GE: No. That was a long time ago. I do have other side projects that were never released, like “Spank Monkey”. I may release that, but it was in my heavy drug phase, and it shows. I did it with Rich Harter from Harter Attack. We would sit by the fireplace, get real wasted on drugs, and write songs. Then we'd go into my recording studio and spend days in there recording. He was too wasted on heroin at times, but I wrote and recorded all the music and he wrote & sang all the lyrics.

WC: What made you think of C.I.A., and what does it stand for?

GE: Well, I had spare time after recording with the Nuke’s. I was interested in writing new material and sharpening my musical abilities and I didn’t want to interfere or experiment with Nuclear Assault. C.I.A. stands for Cannabis Inhalers Association and I gave it those letters because we were on I.R.S. records at the time. I just thought it would work because I did not want to use my own name and exploit myself,you know?

WC: Going back to the old Nuclear Assault days; I have always wondered why you wrote the song "Butt Fuck" and why did you change the name of it?

GE: I didn’t write the song “Butt fuck”, Danny and John did. They wrote it about Vince Neil from Motley Crue when he killed two people drunk driving and got off scott free. We changed the name because both K-Mart and Wal-Mart refused to carry the album. (What a shocking revelation that is!--Dr. Mality)

WC: What is your favorite Nuclear Assault song?

GE: That’s a good question. I guess I’d have to say “Brainwashed”. That was our first MTV video and broke the band huge. It was a big difference after "Survive" was released. We had MCA distribution, and sold bucket loads of records.

WC: That was my favorite track as well. Do you think that most Americans are brainwashed, especially after 9/11?

GE: Absolutely. You turn on the television and there’s bad news. You open a newspaper and there’s bad news. You turn on the radio and there’s bad news. Needless to say, I don’t watch television, I don’t read newspapers, and the radio stays turned off. I like stimulating books and movies. I get many ideas from books & movies.

WC: What do you think about big corporations and how they are buying everything up (like the famous Thirsty Whale nightclub in the Chicago suburbs; now it is an Amoco/McDonalds)?

GE: Personally, I wish we were back in the fifties when there were no big chains. But, it’s a free country and they are exercising their Constitutional rights. More power to them. The corporate executives are the ones that will have the fatal heart attacks.

WC: What are your feelings about the Pope nowadays, and do you think you would get away with releasing a new song called "Burn the Bush"?

GE: The Pope is like a rock star. He’s a phony. As far as the Bush’s, I’d like to maybe lick Laura’s Bush.

WC: How do you feel about our failing war on drugs? Isn't it an example of what you used to write songs about?

GE: Yes. I had my share of problems with drugs. I have been smoking pot since I was 14 years old and my opinion is it’s harmless, it just makes you eat more. As far as hard drugs like heroin, cocaine, and morphine, they all have their place in society. I think that pot should be legalized and the rest illegal including prescription drugs. How can you win a war on drugs when on every street corner in the world there is a big sign that says, DRUG STORE? It’s a losing battle.

WC: What is the general concept of the new upcoming Nuclear Assault CD, and when do you plan on releasing it?

GE: Well it’s been 10 years since our last studio album and a lot has happened in the world ie. 9/11, etc, so we have a lot to say. The final touches are being done on it now, it will be out Spring 2005, it is called, “Third World Genocide”.

WC: Did it take a while to knock the rust off, or did you get back in the Nuclear Assault groove right away?

GE: It’s like riding a bike. I did need to use the hot tub in my house afterwards, but I am 46 years old. My muscles are a little sore.

WC: Nuclear Assault was always socially aware; do you think the political climate today demands that Nuclear Assault return?

GE: Oh yes. John Connelly is by far the best lyricist I have ever encountered. He writes the most intelligent lyrics of anyone out there. I’ll put money on that. That is why even though we have a love-hate relationship, I can’t imagine being a part of any other band.

WC: What are your tour plans with Nuclear Assault?

GE: We are doing South America in February. Then a European Festival tour Summer 2005.

WC: What do you do on your free time?

GE: In my free time, I work, like everyone else. I love computers. I did 4 years at DeVry University in North Brunswick , NJ from 1996 – 2000 and have a Degree in Computer Science. I am A+, N+, MCSE, MCDBA, & DCSE Certified. I currently am a contractor for Dell, IBM, Compact, HP, etc. I fix maybe 10 – 15 PC’s a day. I hate Apple Computers. They are so not right. I like spending time with my wife and we love going to new areas to hike and explore nature all over the USA. I love buying property. Large chunks, small chunks, anything. I now have over 200 Acres across the country (USA).

I want to preserve the land, because the place I used to live in NJ was all forest, which was beautiful. They leveled most of it to build homes. (Sounds like goddamn Rockford, Illinois!--Mality) I did build a new home in Florida. Actually it is my dream home. The one I’ve worked so hard for my whole life. I also built a new log cabin on 20 Acres in Upstate NY. I love nature, and am at peace when I’m in the woods. Nothing else really matters to me. I’m not really a possession kind of dude. I don’t need anything but a sleeping bag, pillow, flashlight,a warm fire and a good book to keep me happy. Possessions are so shallow. I guess you learn that as you get older & wiser.

WC: We are living in the age of super-extreme metal; can Nuclear Assault keep up the pace with what kids today are looking for?

GE: Nuclear Assault doesn’t have to keep up. We already made our mark and we still have millions of fans. I can still hit harder than any drummer out there. I like to hit HARD.

WC: What is the last CD that you purchased?

GE: The last CD I purchased was the DE LOVELY sound track by Cole Porter. He was a great song writer for his time. (It was buy one get one free). I also just finished his bio. I just finished the Johnny Cash book before that, and bought the Johnny Cash CD. Before that, I bought Load, Re-load, and Saint Anger. All great CDs. I give those guys (Metallibrats) a lot of credit to keep going and going.

WC: What is the last movie that you watched?

GE: Without A Paddle. I like Oregon; I purchased large chunks of land there. Also, Burt Reynolds is in it. He lives 20 minutes from my house in Florida. I can relate to him with the pain killer addiction, broken bones, bad marriages, too many women, etc.

WC: I'm sure you have seen the movie "Spinal Tap"; do you have any Spinal Tap moments that may have happened during your years with Nuclear Assault to share with us?

GE: All the time. Can’t find the stage. Wives on the bus. Where are they now, studio fights, band members quitting, then crawling back on their hands and knees etc. I think it goes for all bands not just us.

WC: Thank you so much for your time! Do you have any final words for our readers?

GE: Think big, be positive, use rubbers, and stay away from drugs and don’t ever take life for granted. Enjoy every day likes it’s your last, but be smart about it!!!

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