NOX FORMULAE "Of Grimoires, the Shadow Realm and Lucifuge..." 

By Theron Moore

It’s not often that I get sent a digital promo that compels me to drop everything I’m doingand listen to it, start to finish.   I did that with NOX FORMULAE’s second record,  “Drakon-Darshan-Satan”,  available now via Dark Descent Records.  It was a combination of the band’s skull splitting mastery of black metal I was hearing, the primal, fear inducing heaviness of their sound, and NOX FORMULAE’s back story that drew me in.  Here’s an excerpt:

The Red Black Clan  of Nox Formulae returns with their second sonic grimoire of Higher Black Magic. Delving deeper into the Draconian Universe and the Shadow Current emanating from the hidden and relatively unexplored realms of the Qlipha of the Concealers, Satariel, Archon of which is the second face of Lucifer, the Mighty King Lucifuge Rofocale.

“DRAKON - DARSHAN - SATAN” is based -music and lyric wise- on the grimoire “At the Outskirts of the Shadow Current: The Dark Initiation In This Lifetime” by Daemon Gharrassielh and all those Dark Traditions offered by the Red Dragon to humanity.”

I was hooked, I wanted more, and so I began an extensive online search for all things NOX FORMULAE as well as Daemon Gharrassielh.  I didn’t know what to expect, was this real or was this a work of fiction?  I believe NOX FORMULAE and their back story to be real.  And this is the interview I conducted with them…

WORMWOOD CHRONICLES:   Your first record –  “The Hidden Paths to Black Ecstasy”  and your new one – “Drakon-Darshan-Satan” – have been described as actual sonic grimoires of lower and higher levels of dark magic. Why release this publicly? Shouldn’t grimoires of dark magic be kept secret?  Isn’t it dangerous to unleash such darkness on humanity even in creative form, as a record?

NOX FORMULAE:  Our creations, musically- lyrically, speak the voice of the Red Dragon and deliver the Forces of the Shadow Current. We crave to release these Forces in the world, to make them known and poison people’s minds. Most of the listeners are just music lovers- nothing wrong with that- and most of the listeners are hollow shells with zero receptiveness. Those more receptive can only be favored by the Dark Forces and the ecstatic beauty of the Unknown that lies within the Shadow Current. Danger? Danger is relative and a matter of approaching things.

WORMWOOD CHRONICLES:   There’s a lot of bands that incorporate occultism into their music or affirm their belief in Satanism.   How do you guys, NOX FORMULAE, differ from them?  I’d definitely say you’re more devout than most bands I’ve encountered.

NOX FORMULAE:  We don’t give a damn fuck to differ from anybody. We do what we have to do: practicing Magic, setting initiatory goals and delving/researching the  Shadow Traditions are the most natural way of living for us since our innocent teenage years and, since then, we have been able to blend ourselves naturally with society. Literally, we cannot even imagine our lives being any other way.

WORMWOOD CHRONICLES:   Daemon Gharrassielh who authored “At the Outskirts of the Shadow Current: The Dark Initiation In This Lifetime” wrote all the lyrics to  “Drakon-Darshan-Satan”.  I’ve googled this mysterious figure, I checked Amazon for books he’s (co)-authored, and I can’t find anything about Gharrassielh.   To understand your new record better, can you tell us about him and who he is?

NOX FORMULAE:   You will not find anything about Daemon Gharrassielh online: Daemon Gharrassielh is a devoted Black Magician with more than 20 years of experience and a leader of a magical Clan. He leads magical workings, rituals and ceremonies and he has authored many articles about Initiatory Magic in an esoteric magazine. He goes under a different name, though.  

WORMWOOD  CHRONICLES:  “Drakon-Darshan-Satan” is based on  actual experiences  on the physical and the magical planes…” as quoted by the band. I’d really like to know more about these experiences, can you describe / tell us about some of them?  Did you encounter entities or god like figures?  And I ask this not to be offensive but I’d  be remiss from a journalistic point of view if I didn’t – were drugs involved?

NOX FORMULAE:  Let me begin with an experience rather characteristic of the unspeakable Force and our Shadow Allies being present to our favor on the physical/ mundane level: This very experience is described in the song “The Ravens of Terror” (you may read the lyrics to get a hint) and took place in early 2018 (for the story, the song ''The Dark Brother'' from our previous full length describes another incident where the Shadow Allies made their presence bolt through their power).

I have many years of experience in Martial Arts and rather good outcomes when it comes to street fights. Basically, I am able to take up on almost anybody one on one. However, no matter how good you are in bare hand fighting, things are rather different and can get potentially dangerous when you are about to deal with a bunch of mafia bouncers of the underworld. 

In the rush of the moment and being in company of people unable to fight,   having additionally to protect them,   I gave the “Call”  and time ceased to exist:  The  bad ass mafia assholes turned to sheep ready to be slayed. What followed afterwards and the days to come I would prefer not to reveal in this interview. 

 Through years of practicing meditation, Magic and mind techniques able to tumble downt he seals that keep human consciousness and perception limited you can get experiences that the strongest of hallucinogens can only imitate, let alone that the company of drugs in such practices can only lead you to severe psychic disorders and mere insanity. However,  to reply to your question, I have experimented a couple of times with certain drugs in special initiatory occasions of the past in order to fulfill a breakthrough. But drugs are not my thing.  

WORMWOOD CHRONICLES:  Regarding the Luciferian mythos behind your first two records, at times there seems to be a Mesopotamian, possibly Egyptian, connection or influence.  Is this the case and if so, explain that connection please?

NOX FORMULAE:   There is a connection to all Dark Traditions and Draconian Cults of the past that have as a common line the very same “Force” through different time periods and geographical locations.  For Instance, the cults of Typhon and Hecate in ancient  Greece, the Saturnian  cults of the Romans,  the dark red sects of Voodoo  (San Pedro,  Damballah), the Draconian/ Setian/ Apep cults of Egypt, the Vamachara Kundalini clans in India, the hidden sects of Borborian and Ophidian Gnostics of Judaism, the Cult of Shaitan in old Yezidism. Later, in  the medieval times we can find  this “Force”  living in black  magic Grimoires  written by alchemists. Speaking of the Grimoires, due to the Witch Hunts of medieval times their material is filled with lots of distorted information and one should be able to read with the Inner Eye to avoid being misguided and being able to get a truly rich and valuable magical Tradition. These are just to name a few. The existence of the Force goes back to times immemorial. Last but not least, it goes without saying that from a Christian point of view these Traditions can be seen as Satanism. 

WORMWOOD   CHRONICLES:     What’s the connection between Noctifer and Atlantis inrelation to the songs on this record?  I kind of get the feeling that although the first two records are sonic grimoires, might they also be maps pointing to or leading to another plane of existence? Please talk about that if you could.

NOX FORMULAE:  Noctifer is the King of the Shadow Current. The Shadow Current exists at the far edge of the Draconian Current and one can get access to it after a certain Initiatory level I find no point   in describing.   Noctifer is a formulaic name for Lucifuge Rofocale   who, in Qliphotic Qabalah, is the mighty ‘’Shady One’’, the Archon of the Qlipha Satariel, the Shadow Allies of both our records are about as well as  the Grimoire  ''At The Outskirts of the Shadow Current'' . All derive from the Shadow Current.

Noctifer is the second face of Lucifer and a Son of the Red Dragon, the mighty Ruler ofAtlantis. Roughly, I would say that there are different ways and paths that would resemble the branches of a tree to walk on and chain knots of the Magical Reality- the Magical Universe to unbind. Then, gradually, one may touch the Sphere of the flames of the Red Dragon and unlock the mysteries of Atlantis. 

The mighty Dragon is the ruler of Atlantis and its mysteries are related to the power of the Dragon Egregore and the simultaneous opening of all the Shells of Darkness.

WORMWOOD CHRONICLES:  Why is occult black / death metal the best platform to deliver this message of dark magic and  Luciferianism to humanity at large?  What is the end goal of NOX FORMULAE by doing this? Are you looking  for converts to  Luciferianism, are your intentions malevolent or are you just looking to sell records and tour?

NOX FORMULAE:  Our goal is to set out in public the Dark Forces. In order to do that we must sell records and tour. We give no shit having anyone converting in our beliefs, though, the one who does will only benefit by a path of utter beauty,  self-discipline, goal accomplishment, existential pursuit and Power… oh.. and lots of nightmarish terror!

WORMWOOD CHRONICLES:  I’m curious about something.  Your first two records deal with serious dark magic and I imagine there’s consequences for anyone misusing the power these records   hold.     On a somewhat related note,   Dave Mustaine has said that his song   “The Conjuring” from “Peace Sells but Who’s Buying” is real as well and based on an experience or experiences he had messing around with black magic.  Is he full of shit, is he just trying to sell records?

NOX FORMULAE:  That’s true, both of our records are actual sonic grimoires. I did not know that about Dave Mustaine, but I must admit that ‘Peace...’’ is a cool album.  My two cents in this question is that Magic feeds itself from ones self. If you see it as ‘’messing around’’ then only trouble is what you get and a life beyond control awaits you.

WORMWOOD CHRONICLES:  Kind of related to the last question, no doubt fans of ocuult /black / death metal will love this record.  It’s without a doubt, one of the best records of 2020 period.  Do you have any advice or warnings to the uninitiated who may want to dabble with the magic contained inside  “Drakon-Darshan-Satan”?   What are the consequences of misusing the power contained inside these songs?

NOX FORMUALE:  As far as one is honest to him/herself and address a wholehearted respect to the lore and the forces our albums disclose, there can be no misusage. One will get only gain and benefit. For those interested: It is not that difficult to unlock the powers dwelling in our records, though a sort of preparation is demanded. I doubt there will be many to dig our records in such away, as said above most people are just black/death metal lovers- which is totally fine. But it doesn’t matter! May we subtly enter their subconscious minds.

WORMWOOD CHRONICLES:   Last question.   Regarding our current global situation with Covid-19, are there end times or an apocalypse vision for mankind in the Luciferian mythos you subscribe to?  

NOX FORMULAE:  The New Apocalypse has already begun. The Virus and everything related to this – quarantine, death toll, conspiracy theories, truth and lies- will be on many levels a good lesson to humanity.