Metal Church - Old Skool Metal is back

By Kat

I recently had the pleasure of speaking to guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof, of Metal Church, whose new CD is called "A Light in the Dark". Kurdt is an original member of this melodic metal band. In the interview Kurdt explains the meaning of this title and also shares a few stories of the where and why. Be sure to get your copy of the new Metal Church, people...or you may end up in HELL!!!

Wormwood Chronicles: Do you have any plans to do any touring in the U.S.?

Kurdt Vanderhoof: We were going to go out the first of September, but it looks like we will have to push it back until the first of next year. We just got our first three weeks of dates, and we will be doing that in January and February '07.

WC: Do any of you live in Germany...I noticed you are touring there now?

KV: Oh, God no...we're all based in Seattle. We are just doing some music festivals in Germany now.

WC: How do you see the future of Metal Church?

KV: Another record, another tour, go home, take a nap, do some laundry...then do it again.

WC: Do you think Metal Church got a fair break in the U.S. when you first started out?

KV: Back in the 80's we definitely had everything going for us. The scene at that time was a lot more Metal was a moment in time. Things are different now...the times are different. The fact that we get to keep playing is just great. I don't really have any complaints.

WC: Even though you have new band members, it still has that same classic Metal Church's everything going with the new lineup?

KV: I think the new lineup is great. We all get along really well. Even though we did lose Kirk Arrington, it is just a perfect fit. One of the things that I have consciously done in writing the material was keeping it classic old school '80s metal. We didn't want to sound new, hip or trendy, or anything.

WC: How did you choose the new band members?

KV: It kind of chose itself, actually. Kirk and I got back together to do "Weight of the World". We came across Ronny Munroe and that was kind of a catalyst to start up the thing. He could do great with the old stuff and he also had his own voice as well. With him fronting the band...we thought we could certainly give it a shot. Everything else fell into Jay from Malice and Megadeth...that was kind of a cosmic thing. He just called me one afternoon; he was living in Portland at the time. He had been going to festivals and metal shows down in the Portland area for something to do and he had heard Metal Church was getting back together. He called me out of the blue one day and said he was wondering if we could put Metal Church together, and I said that would be great, but we needed a second guitar player. There was a long silence on the phone...and then he said yep...and that was pretty much it with that. Then he brought in Steve Unger, our bass player. It all kind of fell into place, and once it started, it happened pretty heavily.

WC: What ever happened to Mike Howe?

KV: Well, he is living with his wife and two children in California...kind of living the normal kind of life.

WC: Do you still have your side project, "Vanderhoof", going?

KV: I haven't done anything with that for a few years. I am going to try to do more with that and my "Presto Ballet" project...its my '70s sound progressive rock project which we put out our first record on Inside Out Records this last June '06.

WC: Going back to "The Dark", does this new CD tie into it?

KV: People say it sounds a lot like it. I guess it sounds like it could be a follow up for it. But, it wasn't really intended to be a
follow up...the only intention we had was to make a classic sounding metal CD. Everyone says it fits right in there. The new title is referring to how the metal scene is very dark and Satanic, but Metal Church has never been about that.

WC: Do you have any Spinal Tap moments you would like to share?

KV: Every day...every day in the music business is a Spinal Tap moment. (laughter) Oh God...where do I begin...going to a town and going to the wrong hotel...or going to the right hotel and finding out the promoter didn't pay for the room. I'm sure there are tons and tons more, but...

WC: Any final words for our readers?

KV: Thanks for listening and thanks for keeping with us so long...we are very grateful.

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