LOVE POTION: "Sex, Violence & Madonna Tattoos"
Interview by Jens Hellroute

The "Ejaculator" EP release party at Lades featured yet another a killer performance by Copenhagen caveman hardcore psychos Love Potion. With songs like "Overdose", "Unholy Smoke" (and an Anal Cunt cover someone said) we're subjected to drilla killa spastic hc with singer Klaus doing his hairy kung fu ape moves, and the goon platoon of prunefacejugend were tearing up the crowd with random acts of cheerful violence. Klaus punched some guy with blood on the ceiling as a result! Cheerful violence. Prior their set I had a philosophical exchange of wits with Klaus, Steffen (drums), Jonas (bass) and smoking guitarist Philip who's looking fine after his lung collapsed. Loke from Pruneface and Womanhead was also present and stole some of Klaus' rockstar thunder.

WORMWOOD CHRONICLES: Loke from Pruneface, who's sitting next to me, were you involved in creating the cover of "Ejaculator"?

Loke: Oh yeah, it was a long process filled with blood, sweat and tears.

WC: Any directions and ideas?

Loke: We just did it.

Klaus: They got the title, and then they jammed. Visual jamming.

WC: Klaus, you're not 100% satisfied with the production. Are the vocals too low or...?

Klaus: Absolutely. I'm a singer. But it's the first record that I'm satisfied with my vocal performance. My vocals are sometimes drowned in the mix, but with time I'll probably like it, it gives the songs a more raw edge.

WC: Some lyrics reflects your daily life, "Unholy Smoke", "Welfare Warfare"...

Steffen: It's not Klaus' life, it's about my life!

Klaus: If I were to write songs about Steffen's life it'd be something like; "And then I sat home with my girlfriend...and we watched some tv", haha.

WC: There's 8 tracks on the vinyl EP from Adult Crash. What's on the Japanese CD?

Steffen: The "Ejaculator" EP, our demo tape, and some extra tracks.

Klaus: The songs on "Ejaculator" with the original mastering, the most authentic Love Potion recordings.

WC: How did you get in contact with Too Circle Records from Japan?

Steffen: Can't remember! This guy was a fan of my other band, Death Token, so he was interested in this release when I told him I also was in Love Potion.

Klaus: You are aware you can't write anything that will hurt the band, right? (Said while slipping on brass knucks, no doubt--Dr. M)

WC: Haha. For Womanhead (with Loke and sometimes Klaus), you wrote this song "We Will Return" about their infamous support gig to Aids Wolf?

Klaus: Yes, it deals with that show. And you're sitting next to half of Womanhead. In fact, I was only their guest drummer that nite.

WC: Loke, you received a slap in the face by the singer of Aids Wolf backstage, right where we're sitting?

Loke: Yeah, she punched me several times with her fist. She jumped on a drumkit, she wasn't that big, and then I just saw her glasses and her tiny fists pounding my face. Afterwards I was accused of beating and almost raping her!

Klaus: The song is about that show, and is a tribute to Womanhead who are one of the few bands in the world who come closest to the superior intensity of Love Potion.

WC: What is Love Potion?

Klaus: Sex. The primal drive behind Love Potion.

WC: Recently I've discovered that Love Potion is also about yingyang and dolphins.

Klaus: No. Yingyang, dolphins and SHARKS! It reflects on the fact that there are both good and evil in all people. Philip and Steffen are the good, and Jonas and I are the evil.

Steffen: Not sharks, KILLER WHALES!

Klaus: Shut up!

WC: Future plans. Are you going to tour outside Denmark? Well, I've seen you in Malmö...

Steffen: Yeah, that's pretty much outside Denmark, we won't be playing there, you were drunk, haha.

WC: Shut up, I'm doing the interview, not you! Let's talk about idols! Klaus, you got a Madonna tattoo ('Ciccone') under your arm?

Klaus: There are three men and a woman I admire in this world; Axl Rose, Julius Caesar, Fenriz from Darkthrone, and Madonna.

WC: Jonas, who are your idols?

Jonas: I don't think I'm allowed to mention them because it will hurt our image...but Tool and Mastodon.

(someone): King Diamond.

Klaus: Yup, we like him.

Steffen: Do you like him?

WC: Only the first Mercyful Fate EP.

Steffen: "Nuns Have No Fun".

Klaus: Only their first demo tape, haha. And the very first Rolling Stones rehearsal, they lost everything on their first album. Catch them while they are young as I say.

WC: About how old?

Klaus: 13...or 14.

WC: Well, I don't have any more questions.

Klaus: What? Is it over? (then Klaus said something about censoring Jonas' answer)

Photos by Mette Huus Christensen