LiveFastDie    "Pissing On The Mainframe!

By Jens Hellroute

With a bandname taken from a GG Allin tattoo you know we ain’t talkin’ about no emo crybaby shit. But did you know LiveFastDie’s ”Thrash Bandana Record” (Dead Beat Records) is the best damn punkrock album of 2006?

Copulate the trash appeal of The Mummies and Supercharger with the snotty anti-social Angry Samoans attitude and you have a vicious bastard offspring called LiveFastDie. Camaro Werewolf is the man responsible for all the wonderful evil noise, so read on, razor rats, this is fella who’s gonna save punkrock in the 00’s!

WORMWOOD CHRONICLES:Congrats on ”Bandana Thrash Record”, it’s the best fuckin’ punkrock record I’ve heard this year so far.

Camaro Werewolf: Thank you, I’m not sure that’s accurate, but fuck it, we’ll take it. Not my place to tell you what you’re thinking.

WC: You played all instruments on the album?

CW: I’d have to say that they practically played themselves. The guys in the band wanted to play on it, but when you’re an egotistical fuck it’s hard to jam. I practically ripped shit outta their hands. Do you like Edgar Winter?

WC: Sorta. Pros and cons of that process?

CW: Growth, I guess. And when it flops you can only blame yourself. I’m keenly aware it will actually be Shadow Falcon’s fault.

WC: The press release sez; ” Every track on ‘Bandana Thrash Record’ was recorded on an old betamax recorder and mixed with a Radio Shack mixer.”?

CW: Extra/Extra! The band is full of shit.

WC: No way?! Okay, Viking Thrust, Timecop and Shadow Falcon are permanent members when LiveFastDie do shows?

CW: They are the band. Save the occasional fill in drummer, or maybe when GoZac Termo fills in on bass. They're a great bunch of doods and shit.

WC: Describe the personalities of the members?

CW: I’d really have to say that Shadow Falcon is the straight man in the mix. Viking Thrust is like some kind levity. And Timecop, Timecop is a wildcard. Goddammit!

WC: Mike from DC Snipers, another Dead Beat Rec band, played with you? And Matt of The Baseball Furies?

CW: Both of them totally out of the picture. They couldn’t hang, if you know what I mean?

WC: Sure. With a name like LiveFastDie one doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to guess you’re a GG Allin fan? What other artists are faves of yours?

CW: I would have to say Roky Erickson, Wilson Pickett, and the Wards.

WC: Are you based in Brooklyn, and did you grow up in Littleton, New Hampshire?

CW: Yeah I actually just moved to Manhattan. It’s really a lot like the Jeffersons. Beans in the kitchen, no shit. I just figured I spent long enough in that shit NH town that I can claim residency forever. Plus that’s what my license says.

WC: What’s the craziest show LiveFastDie have played so far?

CW: I would have to say the Hozac Blackout this year. Only because Eric Lastname played with us in a white jumpsuit, Peiro from the Fatals sang with a Puerto Rican flag wrapped around his head, and I thought I had testicular cancer for four days. Not kidding, actually it was two weeks.

WC: I really dig the “Pissing On The Mainframe” track on your myspace site, is it a new single?

CW: Yeah, it’ll be out on a single provided by Douchemaster Records (I'm sure Wal-Mart has all their records.--Dr. Mality) in about mid September.

WC: You got a single on Your Permanent Records, “Guitar Star”?

CW: Yes we do. That is a fact.

WC: Mr. Werewolf, if you were president for a day, what would you change?

CW: Gasoline. It’s incredibly fucked up that we have a dependency on this shit. I talk a mean game about Biodiesel, but I don’t own a car so it’s tough. It only makes sense to me that alternative fuels are really the only way to break even on tour these days. Politics are a pain in the ass, but economics affect us all.

WC: Alcohol vs. Drugs?

CW: It really depends when you ask. The other night I drank 8 Bud Lights and smoked a joint in an hour and was pretty anti-pot an hour later. Bottom line is if you do a bunch of any drug and feel like shit the next day and think doing more will fix it, you have a problem. “Ask me how I gained this insight”, to quote Cocaine Donkey.

WC:Anything to add, future projects?

CW: The Douchemaster single. Hopefully a split with the Scripts on Jeth Row Records later this year. I think we need to get Kevin at Dusty Medical a single cuz he’s rad. And hopefully LP 2 will be out in 2006 cuz we’ll be old B 4 U NO IT. Also a book on tape and a live album in the spirit of Alive 1.

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