LIFELOVER "In Remembrance"

By: Lord Randall

With the recent passing of multi-instrumentalist Jonas “B” Bergqvist, followed by the dissolution of the band LIFELOVER, of which he was such a vital part, Wormwood Chronicles felt it was only right to pay tribute in our own, heartfelt way. This interview was conducted with vocalist Kim “( )” Carlsson by Lord Randall shortly after the release of the band’s final album – and B’s last recorded work – "Sjukdom". Read on…remember.

Wormwood Chronicles: Was the "Dekadens" EP in 2009 viewed by the band as more of a stopgap to still the silence between the "Konkurs" album and what would become Sjukdom 3 years later, or should it be seen as its own, separate creature?

Kim Carlsson: We evolve continuously.  View it as you want.

WC: Was the EP a was to show a shift in direction, maybe for the band?

KC: Not really, we do anything we feel like and will continue to do so.

WC: Talk a bit about the decision to reissue "Konkurs" (an album only 3 years old itself) mere months before your new album. What were the circumstances that led to releasing (and in one case, re-releasing) 2 albums so close together?

KC: It was natural when changing labels to introduce some areas of the world with a previous work before presenting them something new.

WC: "Dekadens" was the first LIFELOVER output that featured a human drummer. Was this something that happened as part of the band’s natural evolution, or do you see yourselves mixing the human/mechanical element further in the future? 

KC: Sure, why not? If it fits with the song, we're not strangers to mixing in any element we feel will complement the entirety of the song or album.

WC: What would you see as the good and bad elements of using both electronic and human drummers off and on?


KC: We didn’t use a human drummer for "Sjukdom" simply for the sake of using one. We use what we need when we need, nothing more and nothing less, really. 

WC: Samples and found dialogue have always been a part of the LIFELOVER sound.

KC: Any samples are usually connected with the atmosphere and lyrics/theme of a song or with the entirety of the album itself, or both, or anything else we might have a desire to include.

WC: Where do you see "Sjukdom" falling in the LIFELOVER pantheon? Is this a new black romantic dawn, or just the next step in the journey?

KC:  We are always taking new steps...

WC: Even amid the black metal movement LIFELOVER is most often associated with, and even factoring in the current popularity of what is being called “shoegazer BM”, or even worse, “metalgaze”, the band has held to certain strains of more post-punk ala MAGAZINE / GANG OF FOUR, and pop-friendly acts from the New Romantic scene, such as JAPAN and (somewhat) THE SMITHS. Do you feel this extreme juxtaposition of styles - in any band - can become not only a path for expansion, but instrument of confinement if the band feels they have to “deliver” something their listeners have come to expect?

KC: Normally yes, but we don't take what anyone would want or expect into consideration. We do what we consider to be right and what feels right and natural for us.

WC: I’ve got to ask about this: I heard your first live appearance was at Harry B  James in Stockholm’s City Centre. Having been quite inebriated there the year prior, I feel it incumbent upon me to ask how the show went. I’ve heard it described as “miserable”, which could be a positive review in your case.

KC: It was miserable in a sense that we learned all we should avoid in the future concerning organizers, sound-technicians, venues and states of mind. It was very low in every possible department but we did as much as possible, and it turned out fine, even if we know we can do much better.

WC: How has the new material held up in the live setting? With such a diverse back catalog, how easy/hard is it to throw together a LIFELOVER set list?

KC: We have many options for creating diverse set-lists depending on what atmosphere we want to create during a performance. We have not yet had the possibility to perform the new material, we will return to the stages in August.

WC: What can we expect from LIFELOVER in the remainder of the year? 

KC: That we're coming to a venue close to you reading this, and if we're not you better talk to your local promoters...

(On September 9, 20ll, Lifelover mainstay Jonas "B" Bergqvist was found dead. It appeared that "B" had died in his sleep and both suicide and foul play were ruled out. No official cause of death has yet been announced. His death brought to an end the career of one of the most unique black metal bands in the scene.--Dr. Mality)