Leash Law - Of Dogs And Men

By Sgt. Deth

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Rick Renstrom from Leash Law. I really like the sound of his new CD, “Dogface”. This is a band made up of very talented, experienced musicians, such as Wade Black (former Crimson Glory vocalist), Emo Mowery (former Nocturnus Guitarist), and Richard Christy (former Death and Iced Earth drummer). All these different influences and backgrounds have come together to form a very unique sound.

I expect to see these guys around for a while. I just hope they will tour to support this new release soon. I look forward to seeing the dogs in action.

Wormwood Chronicles: What gave you the inspiration for your excellent new CD: “Dogface”?

Rick Renstrom: We wanted to bring a new and fresh sound to the table and were inspired by many events in the world today and in the past. The term “Dogface” comes from WWII where the first U.S. soldiers were sent to the frontlines. Since this was our first record into the ‘metal battle” it seemed fitting. With the lyrics and the music, we wanted to bring you into our world and hear things that you don’t normally hear about.

WC: Do any of you have strong feelings about the government that rules/owns you?

RR: Sure, we live here and have to deal with it.

WC: What do you have strong feelings about?

RR: There is way too much power for some of these people. People that want to get elected say the opposite of their competition and tell voters whatever they want to hear. There is a lot of lies and deceit in the government. We can either live with it or do something about it.

WC: Do you think we are all slaves in disguise? If so, who do you think are the real masters?

RR: Yeah, we all get up everyday, go to work, come home, sleep, do it all over again. Major routine. Living paycheck to paycheck gets old really fast. There is plenty of upper class getting more from the government and the middle class gets nothing. There is a major malfunction that has been getting worse and worse over the decades.

WC: On track 4, “Hail to Blood”, (one of my personal favorites) you talk about the evil of the ancient Romans. Why did you throw that song in there?

RR: Well, initially, Wade was inspired by the movie “Gladiator” and came up with some vocal melodies. He left the song on my answering machine and I created guitar parts around his melody. The song fits well, because it deals with war and the consequences. History repeats itself and the tables must be turned.

WC: Then on track 5, “Banion”, the tone changes completely. What is the meaning behind that song?

RR: Wade had lost his mother to cancer and wrote some very heartfelt lyrics, but he also involved his wife and kids into the lyrics as well. The song is there to calm things down a bit from all the metal mayhem. According to Wade, there is a tree called a “Banion” that has 2 separate roots and branches off into 2 trees in one.

WC: Why did you choose the SSL 4000 mixing board, and what makes it so great?

RR: This particular SSL was originally owned by Giorgio Moroder. He produced and recorded soundtracks for Top Gun and Scarface, as well as many other renowned bands like Peter Gabriel, Berlin, The Cars and Blondie. So, it has a lot of history behind it. What makes it so special is that we were the first Metal band to ever record on it.

WC: Being that all of you have extensive experience from different bands; have you guys ever argued over equipment setups?

RR: No, not at all. Everyone has their own style and sound, so we work with it and make compromises so that every one is happy and comfortable.

WC: What are some of the main differences in lifestyles you guys have encountered while being together as a band?

RR: There aren’t too many. We all have the same goals and get along very well. Now, you’ve got Richard on the Howard Stern show for the next 3 months. He will probably have the biggest change in lifestyle hangin’ with the stars and whatnot. We are all good friends and only want to make it big and keep moving forward with more albums.

WC: Do you plan on doing a tour in 2004?

RR: Right now we are in negotiations for a few different tours. Nothing to confirm just yet.

WC: I know you guys have probably seen the movie “Spinal Tap”. Has Leash Law ever had any “Spinal Tap” moments you would like to share with our readers?

RR: There haven’t been too many moments like that. I really couldn’t share any particular story because it would only be funny to us. However, we are all a bunch of comedians when it comes down to it. We like to have fun and hang out. We’re not really a party band or anything, but we will show you one hell of a good metal time.

WC: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

RR: I would first like to thank you for this fantastic interview and thank all the readers for the excellent support. We can’t do it without you! We are looking for a few good Metal Brothers and Sisters to join our fight and keep Metal on the forefront. Get out there and pick up “Dogface” and show how much Metal means to you!! Take care and Metal forever!!

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