KITTIE "The Cat's Meow"

By Sgt. Deth

I recently had a chance to speak with Morgan Lander from Kittie about their new CD and tour plans. Sounds like these girls are just getting their paws wet with their new line up change. I have heard their new CD and I really like it. It is my favorite out of their last three releases. I think the new lineup really helps.

I'm sure we will see Kittie around for many more years to come.

Wormwood Chronicles: How exciting to be co-hosting the Head Bangers Ball premiere! Tell us about your new video “Into the Darkness".

Morgan Lander: Hosting Headbangers Ball was a really amazing and fun experience! It was really a laid back production, so there was really no pressure at all. The girls and I had a blast playing all kinds of videos, and premiering our new video for "Into the Darkness". It is a really nice, dark arty re-introduction to the band. We thought it was really important to really showcase the band and our playing ability and our individuality as people, since we are definitely not the same band we were a few years ago.

WC: In the NYC accident while making the video, did you think your nine lives were up? What was the equipment damage? (While shooting a video, the set was drenched prematurely with hundreds of gallons of water while Kittie was plugged in! Yikes!--Dr. Mality)

ML: Haha, funny you should put it like that! I don't think we thought we were going to die, because things like that always seem to happen to us, which makes our lives really unpredictable and interesting, and makes for some great stories to tell afterwards! Our equipment ended up in about two inches of water, and nothing was really damaged, except for our pride haha...

WC: You've had some changes in the members of the band since Kittie has begun, such as Lisa Marx, what does she bring to the band?

ML: And let me tell you, the changes that have happened to this band have been nothing but for the better! Lisa is a really sweet great girl, who really just completes the circle, so to speak. We all feel like we have been in this incarnation from the get go, and we really feel complete! She is a really tight guitar player, and I think we will sound better than ever live!

WC: Do you feel everyone in the band is comfortable with each other now?

ML: We all really and truly care for each other, and this band is now just as much about friendship as it is about making music, which is an amazing feeling to have. It also makes for a more fruitful environment when making music. We all have great chemistry together, and that is something this band never really had until a few years ago.

WC: It is so cool to see an all female band playing some thrashing tunes! Would you say your fans are predominately male or female?

ML: Well thank you! We are just happy playing music. I know that is is more of a 50/50 split when it comes to our fans which is great. Different people love this band for different reasons, and it shouldn't matter who you are or where you come from! We are just glad to be making music that people love, respect and understand...

WC: Who were your musical influences growing up and what kind of musical background do you guys have?

ML: Growing up, I listened to what my parents were listening to when they were young. Van Halen, Ted Nugent, Janis Joplin, Led Zepplin, Cream... Tons of really guitar driven stuff that I really had no idea who it was until I was older. I just dug it for what it was back then! As for musical background, I definitely don't come from a musical background at all. I guess Mercedes and I are anomalies in the family, as we became interested in music at an early age and took up piano and guitar fairly young.

WC: If you could choose any band to tour with whom would it be and why?

ML: I would love to go on any large arena tour... It doesn't matter who! Ozzfest, Slayer, Metallica you name it! We just love to play!

WC: Can you tell listeners what the lawsuit settlement with Artemis records was all about?

ML: I actually can't get into too much detail about the lawsuit, but what I can tell you is that we are very happy to be able to release this album!

WC: Did all the record company B.S. ever get you down?

ML: Of course it did! There was a time when we weren't sure of our future and whether or not we could go on... But we knew that no matter what we would always love to play and we would do whatever it takes to make this work!

WC: Some of your music deals with the treatment of women. Is there a specific message you want to get out to your fans? Please elaborate!

ML: Actually our music doesn't deal with the treatment of women at all! I mainly write from personal experiences, and feature a range of topic from death and questioning mortality, to relationships and suffering and depression, from both a personal and objective standpoint. I think a lot of stuff, mainly on our first album, got misconstrued by the media. We really don't have any sort of message, but we would hope that our fans like the band for the right reasons, and really get out of the music what they need, and they can come to their own conclusions!

WC: Your new CD titled “Until the End” is coming out in July, so that means tour, tour, tour! Do you have a full schedule yet and where can we expect to see you play?

ML: We don't have all of the dates firmed up yet, but we are so excited to TOUR AGAIN! It is the one thing that keeps us sane! So far the dates look as follows:

07/07/2004 Chicago, Illinois- House of Blues
07/08/2004 Milwaukee, Wisconsin- The Rave
07/09/2004 Minneapolis, Minnesota- The Quest
07/10/2004 Springfield, Missouri- Rockwell
07/11/2004 Wichita, Kansas- The Club
07/13/2004 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma- Bricktown Live
07/14/2004 Dallas, Texas- Trees
07/16/2004 Lubbock, Texas- Pavillion
07/17/2004 San Antonio, Texas- White Rabbit
07/18/2004 Austin, Texas- The Backroom
07/20/2004 Mcallen, Texas- Villa Real
07/21/2004 Houston, Texas- The Engine Room
07/23/2004 New Orleans, Louisiana- House of Blues
07/24/2004 Tallahassee, Florida- Floyds Music Store
07/25/2004 Orlando, Florida- House of Blues
07/27/2004 Tampa, Florida- The Masquerade
07/28/2004 Jacksonville Beach, Florida- Freebird Cafe
07/29/2004 Atlanta, Georgia- Masquerade
07/30/2004 North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina- House of Blues
07/31/2004 Washington D.C.- 9:30 Club
08/01/2004 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania- Trocadero
08/03/2004 Allentown, Pennsylvania- Crocodile Rock
08/05/2004 Clifton, Park New York- Northern Lights
08/07/2004 Hartford, Connecticut- Webster Theatre
08/08/2004 Buffalo, New York- The Continental
08/14/2004 Detroit, Michigan- Harpo's

But keep checking our official website for more additions.

WC: How do you feel about the band Until the End titling its new cd "Kittie"?

ML: I think it is hilarious and I am glad there are still people left in this world with a sense of humor!

WC: Now that Coal Chamber is no more; do you still have issues with former members of Coal Chamber, especially Dez?

ML: We have never had issues with that band. It seemed to me that they (only certain members actually) had the problem with us.

WC: I think it’s great that you guys have started a journal on your website! What kinds of things are you willing to share with fans on those pages?

ML: We wanted to offer a glimpse inside out world, whether it be commenting on touring or what went on in our day, it is always fun to let people know what is really going on!

WC: How do you feel the band has grown since "Oracle"?

ML: It is anything but the same band. We have realised the importance of friendship and how much it means to a band, and we have worked really hard to become better musicians and better songwriters. Musically we have really found who we are, and I think this new album is our true identity. It is a beautiful balance of melody and brutality!

WC: How do you see yourselves progressing in the future?

ML: I think "Until the End" is like a new beginning for us and I think the songs are only going to get better, as will the band.

WC: Would you like to share any “spinal tap” moments since your last interview with Wormwood Chronicles?

ML: Hahah! There are too many to name. Crazy stuff follows us wherever we go, and whether it is exploding tanks of water or stolen gear or crazy groupies, you know we will be there!

WC: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

ML: I would love to thank you all for supporting music, and I hope that you would check out our new album, as it is anything than what you would expect from this band. We are not the Kittie of 5 years ago. We have a new album and a new way of doing things, so check it out. You will not be disappointed!