THE HIP PRIESTS - Lock Up Your Daughters!

By Jens Hellroute

From the thermonuclear meltdowns of X-Rays and The Divine Brown, this hideous and sleazy r'n'r creature reared its ugly head in Nottingham, 2006. 'The Hip Priests are the inbred backward bastard sons of Iggy Pop, Johnny Thunders, Uncle Hank, Lemmy & Handsome Dick, sez their Myspace and they ain't lying! Throw a little vintage Turbonegro, early Gluecifer and some foul cumstains of The Dwarves in the punk'n'roll COCKtail, and you got The Hip Priests - crude, lewd, oversexed and full-on FUCK-rockin'! After Bootleg Booze sent me their brand new killer album, "Tight 'N' Exciting", I knew it was time to touch base with with these blokes. Lee Love (bass) did the talking, the rest of the pervy priests are Gary X-Ray (vox), Fast Jimmy H.P. (guitar), Austin 'Pocket' Rocket (guitar), Skintight Tim (drums).

WORMWOOD CHRONICLES: HIP PRIESTS were formed outta the ashes of X-Rays and The Divine Brown in 2006?

LEE LOVE: Yep, After the Divine Brown split, all very amicably, I decided I couldn’t take any more of living in a city full of wanky fashion rock ‘n’ rollers and hairstyle rock ‘n’ roll so I gravitated north and ended up hooking up with these sexy boys. Gary used to yell and throw himself about in local Nottingham garage punk legends THE X-RAYS so him n Pretty Jimmy dragged me out of my self imposed rock ‘n’ roll exile.

The idea very quickly turned back into something even more basic, primeval and sexual than The Divine Brown. I got back into the idea of why the original rock 'n' roll was deemed shocking - because of its highly sexed undertones - I mean, that's what the term ’Rock ‘n’ Roll’ was derived from ,wasn’t it? Fucking-and probably sucking too! THE DIVINE BROWN were into the idea of insurrection, whereas the PRIESTS are more just about our own ‘erections, and what we might do with ‘em. It’s even more in your face, like rock ‘n’ roll bukkake...the oversexed, even dirtier kid brothers of THE DIVINE BROWN and the X-RAYS, drunk, fucked up on drugs and riding motorbikes

WC: I couldn't imagine that many sleazy r'n'r bands like The Divine Brown in the London 'indie rock haven', 'cept maybe The Dirty Switches?

LL: Yeah, the Dirty Switches were cool, and there were a few other bands at the time…but probably most of ‘em have now moved onto whatever’s musically in fashion now. Some pretend ‘indie’ shit probably. As a city, I always thought London was a real shit place to be in a real rock n roll band coz the place is just predominantly full of poseurs, part timers and fashion rock n rollers .

WC: "Tight 'N' Exciting" is a great fuckin' album, how the recording go down?

LL: Like a cheap whore on a Saturday night. Easy, quick and very satisfying. We stuck most of it down pretty live with a few guitar overdubs to satisfy Fast Jimmys wank fingers and that was it.

WC: It's released on a Swedish label, Bootleg Booze?

LL: After The Priests quickly did their first demo I literally only sent a couple of copies out. Having always been an admirer of the stuff Bootleg Booze had done and put out they immediately got back to us and were really into it so we were really pleased and the album was then pretty much mapped out with them down to be releasing it. They’re great boys. They’re just really into real exciting vibed up dirty rock n roll and their enthusiasm is so refreshing and infectious….

WC: Pretty tasteful album cover, haha. You sorta look like the missing link between The Dwarves and Zodiac Mindwarp?

LL: Haha. Yeah, something like that…you should have seen the ones we didn’t use! Yes, it’s the lovely Lady Frankenstein, a burlesque model friend of ours from London. When we were mixing the album and I blurted out words to the effect of ‘I don’t care what it sounds like just so long as it’s tight and exciting!’… The initial sexual innuendo and double meaning was perfect and then I lead us onto thinking about bondage images and stuff…like any healthily sexually minded male!

WC: I described your demo, and it's also on your myspace, as what Turbonegro sounded around "Ass Cobra". Are there any other musical influences?

LL: That’s certainly a comparison we don’t object to…just so long as it’s not Turbonegro now, eh? But they were great, sure. We love everything from the obvious shit like the Stooges, Dictators, Ramones, Pistols through to MOTÖRHEAD, Zeke, Thin Lizzy…People hear lots and lots of different stuff in it which is really cool. As long as people are into it and its making ‘em wanna get up, get down, fuck, fight or take some drugs and any combination of those things, it's doing its job.

WC: And since debauchery and filth dominate your lyrics, what smut heroes turn you on?

LL: Ron Jeremy, Tom of Finland pix, Amber and Ginger Lynn (Good to see a local girl getting some props!--Pervert Mality), The Dark Brothers, Junior ‘Speedy’ Bodden, Louie Shortstud, John Holmes, King Dong, Moby Dick, Paul Thomas, Dark Angel, Suicide Girls, Burning Angels, Vanessa del Rio, good ole Traci Lords…lots of porno. Filthy writers like Mark Manning (Zodiac Mindwarp), The Dwarves, Irvine Welsh. Just lots of filth, oh yeah….

WC: Any problems with feminists or politically correct minded folks?

LL: Haha. One or two. But we're really past caring and if people are really that sexually repressed that you can't have virtually all your set about sex, fucking and porn then fuck ‘em…or maybe not! C’mon, it’s slightly tongue in (someone else’s) cheek anyway. Is anyone really bothered?

WC: You are aware there's a German band called HIP PRIESTS?

LL: Yeah...they’re now defunct anyway. We came up with the name after a song I'd already written and just loved it so much we just went ahead with it… Despite the slight name difference there’s been no confusion… I think!

WC: Anything to add?

LL: We really are rather good and probably have more songs about fucking than any other band you’ve ever heard. Our sometimes rather rude lyrics are absolute genius and our sexual drives are so dangerous that the world really should be aware of us in order that they may be safe from our filthy charms. We can't be trusted with your mothers or sisters or maybe even your daddies and brothers, for that matter. Oh shit... buy the album, and if you’re not totally satisfied then send it back and us or Bootleg Booze will send you some lame ass indie bedwetting shit instead.

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