By Jens Hellroute

The full interview with Haunted George (aka Steve Pallow) was aired sometime ago on my Lowcut Rock'n'Roll Radioshow, but since y'all can't hear that channel I thought it should be put down in writing. So here's a shorter version of the interview I did with Haunted George at Elværket in Helsingør prior to his show. Topics involve his previous bands like The Beguiled, Necessary Evils, no-fi production ethics, his time as a park ranger in the Mojave Desert, and his love of classic horrorfilms. In case you wonder who the hell Haunted George is...well, let's just say his no-fi horror punkabilly makes The Cramps and Misfits sound like Emerson Lake & Palmer, haha.

WORMWOOD CHRONICLES: You're a one-man band when you record, but on tours you sometimes got a bass or guitarplayer with you?

HAUNTED GEORGE: Jimmy Hole, we both were in Necessary Evils, he plays guitar with me right now. About a year ago he played bass with me. Anything I've done on record, so far, has just been myself. Jimmy's on the 2 new songs for a 7 inch, the first recordings he's on. And it's the first recordings ever that I've tried to do clean. Everything else is done by myself; "Bone Hauler", "Pile O Meat", "Panther Howl" and the singles.

WC: How do you get that 'sound' on your records?

HG: "Panther Howl" and "Bone Hauler" were just done on a 1 track cassette recorder in my garage. It has nice stone walls like this (knocks on the wall), it's a good sound. I just put the amps and mics in the right spot, and it'll get the sound right. I walk up to the cassette recorder, push 'play', and walk back to my guitar...and play. "Pile O Meat" was done a 2 track cassette recorder, the first broke down, and somebody gave a new one. The next record I'm gonna record on a 4 track! All live of course as usual, this time with Jimmy. The next LP's gonna be released on In The Red Records, so we gonna take the recordings to a studio and mix it there. I hope it will have the same sound, but with Jimmy in it.

WC: First time I heard of you was The Beguiled and that great Crypt album, "Blue Dirge" (1994).

HG: We had a few records before that one, "Gone Away" (1988) on Dionysus Records, and an EP on Estrus in 1993. With "Blue Dirge" we toured Europe. When we came back 3 months later ,that was when Mike Ball was killed on September 17th 1994. That was the end of The Beguiled, then I had a band called The Black Panthers that went on for a short while, and I had these songs, and then somebody me told that Fireworks had broken up, and James Arthur was looking for a band. Then James moved to Los Angeles and we started The Necessary Evils. We released "Spider Fingers" in 1997 without a bassplayer, and added Jimmy Hole on bass with "The Sicko In Me" the year after, also on In The Red Records. In 2000/2001 everyone in the band just moved to different parts of America, and the band split up.

WC: You became a park ranger in the Mojave Desert?

HG: Not anymore, but I was for awhile. For a long time I worked in Hollywood, but I moved out to the desert, and it was a long drive back and forth to Los Angeles from the desert. 2 hours. The Mojave desert is huge, it's spread over California, Arizona and Nevada. Basically I was a maintenance man during the week. Fix toilets, clean trailers, fix electrical stuff...but I always had to wear a uniform, so I dressed like a cop, haha. Did that for 3 days in the week, and at weekends I worked at an Indian Museum, teaching kids like how to crush corn and start fires. (Teaching arson to kids...interesting avocation!--Dr. Mality)

WC: Musical influences...obviously Hasil Adkins and The Cramps come to mind, you covered Johnny Horton.

HG: "Broken Hearted Gypsy", yeah, I listen to a lot of different stuff, mostly old stuff. Hank Williams, Gene Autry, and more obscure stuff from the 20s. But recently I put on the first The Damned record, haven't heard that in years, and oh my god, that shit is good! Played it 15 times in a row.

WC: Heard you're a somewhat of a horrorfilm buff?

HG: Oh yeah, I love horrorfilms. This one, "Mill Of The Stone Women" (1960), is quite good, you get it from...

WC: Mondo Macabro, great dvd company. My favorite movie of all time is Mario Bava's "Black Sunday".

HG: He is incredible, his first stuff "Black Sunday" and "Black Sabbath" are just great. That last one totally freaked me out as a kid. I've been watching a lot of silent horror movies lately, you get addicted to those films. Do you know "Haxan"?

WC: Oh yeah, that's by a Danish director, Benjamin Christensen.

HG: It' very good, witch hunts, the Inquisition...that's an incredible movie, from 1922, man! Cooking babies and shit, haha.

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