GLACIER “The Coming of the Ice” 

By Theron Moore

I met Michael Podrybau three or so years ago via social media when I was writing the last two books in my book series,  “All My Friends Are Rock Stars”.   He was still in DEVIL IN DISGUISE when I spoke to him.  That interview made its way into one of my books – it was a highlight for me. 

 Eventually GLACIER reactivated and the band was back in business again.  GLACIER played a few high-profile festival gigs overseas, did a killer tour through the Northwest into Canada and recently released a stellar, ass kicking record entitled “The Passing of Time” which is pure power metal perfection.  We both stayed in contact with each over the years and I’m glad we have.  He’s a cool guy that’s always down to talk to his fans as well as shoot the rock N roll fat.  Here’s what we talked about recently...

WORMWOOD CHRONICLES:  Original members Tim Proctor (bass) and Loren Bates (drums) appear on three tracks. Did it take much convincing to get both of them to appear? I know Loren has stayed active in music post the split with Glacier in the 90’s.What about Tim?

MICHAEL PODRYBAU:When we asked them if they would let us record “Live for the Whip,” they were both really excited and very enthusiastic about it. They also got offered the other 2 songs,“Sands of Time” and “Infidel.”Both Loren and Tim are still very active with music; Tim is the bassist for the Northwest metal band AXECRACK.

WC:   Along similar lines, have you stayed in touch with all of the original members of GLACIER? Are you all on good terms? Was there any possibility of getting everyone to guest on the record, except Sam of course? Rest in peace.

MP: I am still very good friends with Tim and Loren. Pat and I go to concerts once in a while, but we haven’t done so for quite some time - even pre-pandemic. Having Tim and Loren on the LP was fantastic and they both played really great. I think we are all pleased with the final album.

WC:  There’s two tours GLACIER undertook in 2019 The first was the South American tour. Was it just the band and local support or did you take a band with you? Give me a few recollections of that tour and maybe a few cool stories to tell. And how many dates did you play there?

MP: We only did one festival in Bogota, Colombia - Jaguar Fest. We played with MEDIEVAL STEEL, PILEDRIVER, LUCIFER’S HAMMER, NIGHT PROWLER, and VOLTAX. I actually flew down early and got to go see JUDAS PRIEST at KnotFest with a few of my Colombian friends. Also, the night before we played, IRON ANGEL was playing a local club and we went to that also. It was really great meeting all kinds of new people and just hanging out  with them. Then in late October we did a mini-tour of the Pacific Northwest, into Canada.

WC:  The second tour was the Northwest tour with RIOT CITY, GATEKEEPER, ROAD RASH, SILVER TALON, and SOLICITOR. This tour had to be a lot of fun! How many dates did you play and tell me about some of the more memorable shows and memorable experiences hanging out with some or all of these bands.

MP:  We ended up doing a 3  show mini tour to Seattle, Victoria  BC, and Vancouver BC.All of them were really fun shows. We are big fans of4 these bands, and we were psyched to team up with them for these gigs - we’d most definitely like to perform with them again.Memorable experiences? RIOT CITY closed one night with GRIM REAPER’s “See you in Hell,” and the ROAD RASH guys and a few other musicians joined them on stage - it was a killer finale! Also, one of the promoters had a big birthday party at his house, and after one of the shows, we drove  over. The house next door had cops all over the place, so to avoid any difficulties, we drove on by.We called the RIOT CIT Y guys, and they were walking to the bash from the complete other side of Victoria, so we drove over to pick them up.When we returned to the party, the cops were gone, and the promoter was face down, passed out in the hallway with no pants on – we have great pictures.Those crazy Canadians, we love ‘em. 

We should also give a shout-out to our hotel in Vancouver; the bartender opened the bar for us after we made it back to the hotel.We aren’t huge drinkers, but it was nice to kick back with the band and have a few ounces of cheer.

WC:  Back to the record, “The Passing of Time.” How long did it take to write this album? As I understand it, two of the tracks had been written in the 80’s. Who does the writing and where does the lyrical inspiration come from?

MP: We actually kind of started writing and working on new songs in 2017. We all work on the songs, whether it be lyrics or music.Then we just come up with ideas, prioritize, and run them through the gauntlet to see what works. Actually, 3 songs are from the 80s: “Sands of Time,” “Infidel,” and “Live for the Whip.”

WC:  We’re 9 months into the Covid nightmare. Regarding the band, have you guys talked about doing a live stream performance?It might be the best move since live music might not be back in 2021.

MP: We actually had recorded a JUDAS PRIEST song and video of each of us doing our parts, but we never finished it. Maybe we should revisit it at some point.

WC: Was “The Passing of Time” recorded before or during the pandemic? Logistically speaking, how   do you record/rehearse/release a record not only during a pandemic lockdown but when many of the band members live geographically apart. Tell me how you guys did it.

MP:We did a bunch of traveling back and forth between Portland and Chicago, as most of the guys live in the Chicago area.We also record and send tracks to one another to work with. Fortunately, all of the recording took place in 2019, and we wrapped it all up in mid-December. Then we started shopping for different record labels. The pandemic has only really impacted our ability to tour.

WC:   The artwork for the record is amazing with a real old school metal vibe. Who was the artist and how did you find him?Had you worked with him before?

MP: Daniel Charles is the artist. I was actually friends with him on social media.He is a GLACIER fan and I had seen his artwork as a tattoo artist. One day he posted a painting he had done, and it was really old school - like the early MANILLA ROAD and FATES WARNING album covers. That was exactly what I was looking for, an old school painting, not the new digital stuff. Anyway, I asked him if he would be interested in doing some artwork for the new album, and he said, “HELL YEAH!!” I sent him some of the demos and lyrics of the new songs, and he had a sketch within a couple days that I fell in love with. It definitely came out fantastic in the end.

WC:  So.The record’s done, it’s amazing. Were there songs that you guys wrote that didn’t make it on the record that you’re keeping for future releases? Maybe songs that you recorded but didn’t use that could make it on a future EP?

MP: Thank you so much, Theron. we are really very happy with “Passing...”. We do have a few others that we were working on, but we had not finished them yet. I'm sure those will be on the next LP. 

WC:   When you’re not being a rock star, and you’re not performing live, what records or books or movies are occupying your time that you’re recommending these days?

MP: I just listen to mostly old 80s bands, or the newer bands with the traditionalsound. I'm a SAVATAGE fanatic, and I listen to all of those greats. I also really love LIEGE LORD and VICIOUS RUMORS. They are at the top of list. As far as reading, I probably do not do enough.I just got the new Rob Halford book, and I’m going to start in on it soon.

WC:  Final question. The floor is all yours, my friend. What info would you like to convey to your fans in closing? Maybe website links, late breaking band news, etc?

MP:4 I just want to say thank you to the GLACIER fans and our friends all over the world. We have played some incredible shows, and we always meet new people. I feel blessed to be doing this again in life, and I truly hope the fans are enjoying our music.