By Jens Hellroute

Recently Eyehategod played a show in Copenhagen on their Euro tour so yours truly had a nice chat with Mike, Jimmy, Brian and Gary. Topics covered Katrina, Dracula outfits, their upcoming album, an Eyehategod biography and their love for Denmark. Later the NOLA legends who have been around for a quarter of a century delivered a positively crushing set of sludge metal like they did the four times I’ve seen them prior to this gig. Sadly the band was struck by tragedy shortly after they returned to the States as their drummer Joey LaCaze was found dead. RIP. This interview was later aired on my radioshow Christianshavns Radio 98,9FM. Special thanks to Nils Markvardsen and Beta.

WORMWOOD CHRONICLES: I’ve been to New Orleans three times. You got a track called “New Orleans Is The New Vietnam”. How are people coping today 8 years after the Katrina disaster?

MIKE WILLIAMS: A lotta folks are still suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder but the city is slowly being rebuilt. There are still deserted areas but the city is almost back to ‘normal’ again. As is the mental state of the people in NOLA.
WC: You’re still feeling betrayed by Washington?

MW: If I could afford a tank , I’d drive into the White House. Actually right now I’m saving up to buy a tank to destroy them. An admirable project, haha.


MW: What are all those FEMA-camps around the country really for?

JIMMY BOWER: To help the population during natural disasters, so they claim.

BP: There’s a conspiracy theory about they want to take the guns away from the people.

WC: When are your new album due? “Confederacy Of Ruined Lives” was released in 2000.

JB: It has been recorded!

MW: 15 songs. Only needs artwork, mixing and mastering.

JB: We reckon it will be out in January. The end of that month.

WC: Who will release it?

JB: We don’t know yet. Working on it. In general we had some major problems with labels during the years so we’re really being careful this time. Right now we’re fine by doing shows and being on tour.

MW: 15 tracks are a bit too much for one album so we’ll probably release an EP as well.

WC: How does the new record sound?

MW: Classic Eyehategod. Like our old records. Fast songs, slow ones. All super heavy! The 15 tracks are all unique in their own way.

WC: I think it’s perfect time for Eyehategod to release an album since there’s many new young bands who are inspired by you. Like last time you were here, a local band Bottom Feeder supported you.

GARY MADER: Yeah. They are actually playing New Orleans today!

JB: And we’re inspired by Melvins and Black Flag. The natural evolution of rock’n’roll, you could say.

WC: A lotta young bands want to go back to the roots. When you read metal magazines today nearly all bands look like crap. Funny haircut, makeup, silly hats…

GM: I cut my own hair, haha.

WC: Looks good! Your last visit was a rather loose experience. Your road manager wore a Dracula cape on stage.

JB: Hahaha. Yeah. We challenged him to do it. And he did. Cape, fangs and all. He claims to be from Transylvania…or Rumania.

MW: We always do stunts like that. You have to have fun when your’re on tour or it get’s boring. Our music is rather depressive and hateful but we’re not like that as people. We live for the one hour we’re on stage. The other 23 hours is a living hell, haha.

BP: This euro tour is a bit longer that usual. Normally we do two weeks, this time it’s five weeks.

WC: I’ve always considered Eyehategod a cult band which I was never gonna see. And all of sudden you’re here every year in Europe, at Roadburn, Copenhagen.

MW: I think it’s healthy to be a cult band. Build a solid fanbase then after that you tour.

JB: Today the big festivals call us. Before we mostly played tiny clubs. It was crazy playing at Hellfest in front of 20000 people!

MW: Roskilde was insane. Our buddies in Mastodon came and saw us on stage.

WC: You also play with bands who aren’t in your genre. Like you played with Anal Cunt?

MW: Yeah. We toured with them for a month. We played everyone from Pantera, White Zombie, COC, Chaos UK and Neurosis to Anal Cunt.

WC: You played with Grief? They split the band after their show here in Copenhagen.

MW: Yeah! We still see Jeff. He’s in Mourn now.

WC: Any tales from when you toured with them?

MW: Plenty! Actually we’re looking for somebody to put out an Eyehategod book. You know... interview us, former bandmembers roadies etc. We’re getting old so we need to get the stories down on print.

WC: The stories and anecdotes in the booklets in the cd reissues of your albums were pretty over the top!
MW: Yeah. I wrote them. But it’s nothing compared to what really happened. If the book sees the light of day it will also includes flyers and photos.

WC: It’s no secret that there’s been up and downs in the last 25 years of the band. What kept you going all these years?

MW: The love of the music. And we’re all really good friends outside the band as well. We argue and fight but it always comes down to what’s important. Which is the band.

WC: Any closing remarks?

GM: Yeah. We love being in Denmark

MW: We love Copenhagen and the venue Loppen. It’s like our second home!

WC: So you will return?

JB: Definitely!

WC: I also have a radioshow and this interview will be aired soon. Name some of your favorite songs you want played?

JB: ’Feeling Better’ – Hank Williams Jr.

MW: ‘We Are The Robots’ – Kraftwerk.

BP: ‘If There’s A Hell Below’ – Curtis Mayfield

GM: ‘Working’ - Cock Sparrer.

MW: A good varied mix of songs!

WC: And speaking of that. Mike, you did a split EP with the Japanese noise king Merzbow with a band called Guilt Øf?

MW: Yeah. We had some tracks and was asked by Merzbow! We’re always curious about all kinds of music.