DYING FETUS “The Unfucked With” 

By Dr. Abner Mality

Dying Fetus is not a band to mince words or engage in subtle wordplay. Bet ya never would have guessed that, right? Seriously, they are one of the first American bands to experiment with truly super-brutal death metal and they are a huge influence on such later genre mutations as “slam” death metal and deathcore.

2017 seems them back in extremely belligerent fashion with “Wrong One To Fuck With”, a merciless beating that will please all long time fans. I reckoned it was time to speak with the band and I contacted Trey Williams, who lays down the brutal beats for the band. He kept things short and to the point and I soon learned that perhaps I see more things than are really there when it comes to the band’s music.  Their approach is straightforward and clear.

Have some bandages and painkillers handy when you venture into the lair of Dying Fetus!

WORMWOOD CHRONICLES: Hails from Wormwood Chronicles! You guys are wrapping up the Summer Slaughter tour. How has this been working out for you?

TREY WILLIAMS: Summer slaughter was great!  Good bands, amazing crowds. 

WC:  Summer Slaughter has a high percentage of what are generally considered “deathcore” bands. Old school metallers tend to be dismissive of this subgenre. What’s your take on it and is Dying Fetus a part of that scene?

TW:  We all play metal, what's the big deal.? Of course we are a part of that scene, we all are trying to get big playing music.  

WC:  “Wrong One to Fuck With” seems to be “busier” musically than the previous album “Reign Supreme”. Was this a conscious choice or did it just evolve naturally that way?

TW:  It's just the way it came together, we did not intend in that result. We only wanted to put out a solid album. 

WC: Dying Fetus play a tough kind of music and the title and cover image of “Wrong One to Fuck With” are brutal. Do you think some fans look at that cover and think “hell yeah, this guy with the weapon is tough, nobody’s gonna mess with him” and miss any deeper meaning behind it?

TW: Nope.  We are not that deep.  It's exactly what you see. 

WC:  I look at the cover and see a guy with wealth using murderous violence to keep someone from getting his stash. In other words, a rich guy beating a poor guy to death. Is that the correct interpretation or is it something else?

TW:  If that's your interpretation of the cover, then that's what you see.  Funny, I see no references to wealth in the cover art. But art is subjective and the viewer will impose their ideals into their criticism. 

WC: The song “Die With Integrity” interests me greatly. What does it take to die with integrity in today’s world where your morals are under constant attack?

TW: . I don't know.  Mabel some one who never compromised their beliefs until the day they die could tell you. But the song is our take on a "mob land" story.  A hit man is kidnaped by the rival gang ,and is being blackmailed into switching sides.  But he is true to his oath and will not go back on his word. 

WC: Does “Seething With Disdain” describe the band’s own mindset these days or does that mean something else?

TW: That song is inspired by the Hatfield and McCoy rivalry. Two families that for generations waged war on each other. But neither can remember why. They just despise each other because it's all they know. 

WC:  We seem to be living in a nightmare dystopia run by inept fascists out of a bad satire. Is there any room for hope and can it be found in Dying Fetus’ brutal music?

TW: . Hahaha you look to us for hope! Hahaha. We profit from the horror of our world. We would have no content without the awful world we live in.  

WC: Is the future of live death metal in these huge multi-band tours or can bands such as Dying Fetus still headline with minimal support?

TW: We can go out on our own. We are lucky enough to have dedicated fans.

WC: On “Wrong One to Fuck With”, was there anything different you did in the recording process that maybe you haven’t done before?

TW: . No nothing dramatically different. 

WC:  Are there any other musical or artistic projects you are involved with besides Dying Fetus or does the band take pretty much all your time?

TW:   DF is all I do. 

WC: What are some of the influences on the band that are not obvious to listeners?

TW:  80's hair metal. That's where John gets his solo ideas from. 

WC: If you could ask any 3 people from history to dinner, who would they be?

TW: Ben Franklin,  Nero,  Abbath.  

WC:  What was the last release you got just because you wanted to hear it?

TW: LoverBoy's greatest hits. 

WC: Any “Spinal Tap” moment in the history of Dying Fetus that you could share with us?

TW: Yeah. But I gotta know you before I tell you.  I can't air out other people's dirty laundry for others to see. 

WC: Any last words to the faithful?

TW:  Stay metal and support your local metal bands. All bands start as local bands.