DUAL EXHAUST: River City Hellriders!

By Jens Hellroute

My good friend and mad scientist Dr. Mality recommended these beerguzzlin' hellraisers of Freeport, Illinois, and singer/lead guitarist Midwest Mark was kinda enough to share their brand of mayhem and sent me a CD. "River City Hellride" was a meaty slice of drunken hillbilly punk'n'roll, so I got Midwest Mark to explain Dual Exhaust's quest for rock'n'roll world domination. Other partners in crime are Corben (Bass), Mike (guitar) and drummer Germ.

WC: The start of what became Dual Exhaust was around '92 at Freeport Highschool's keg parties?

MM: Germ had huge keggers at his mom's tiny house while she was workin', and at the time, Germ had a cheesy metal band called Rue Morgue. They'd play in the basement at these parties. He had the jankiest kit you could imagine, but he played the fuck out of em'. I'd never really jammed with anyone before, and asked him if he'd like to fuck around sometime. 10 years later, we're still fuckin around.

WC: Describe each member's personality?

MM: Germ (drums) is a fuckin' psycho. You never know what the hell he's gonna do, which has made for many interesting stories. Corben (bass) and Hooker Grease (guitar) are both a couple of smart asses, and it's hiarious to watch em' go at it. I guess I'm the high strung camp counselor of the bunch.

WC: Musical influences?

MM: We all listen to different shit, which keeps our song writing varied enough to keep us from writing the same song over and over. Germ is the metalhead, Corben digs punk, Hooker....hell, I don't really know what he's into, but we all listen to a huge variety, anything from Tom Waits to old Country and Blues, to metal, punk....whatever is good.

WC: You did an Anti-Seen cover, "Death Train Comin'" on your "River City Hellride" CD, and a Roky Erickson tune?

MM: I'm a huge fan of both Roky Erickson and ANTiSEEN, so what the fuck, let's put a couple of their tunes on the cd. They're both fun songs to play live, as well.

WC: You really dig those Confederacy Of Scum bands like Anti-Seen, Hammerlock, Cocknoose, Hellstomper, Rancid Vat etc.What do you think Dual Exhaust has in common with'em besides the love of alcohol?

MM: Germ, Keith (my boss), and I went down to the Supershow in NOLA last year, and had a blast hangin out with all those guys. One thing I think pretty much all of us have in common is a hatred for mainsteam bullshit and peoples fake attitudes. When Keith and I were down in Texas, we paid a visit to Thee Whiskey Rebel (Rancid Vat), and we talked about politics, music, traded drinkin tales, and watched some funny ass Earnest videos.

WC: What's the story behind the newclips in your CD about cops who wanted to stop a show?

MM: We played at the local all-ages club, and of course, we were forbidden to have any alchohol at the joint, but this show being the first meeting of Dual Exhaust and Johnny Vomit, rules were gettin broke. The cops always did their little walk through during the shows, and found empty cans and bottles all over the place. We got the owner in a bunch of shit with the City of Freeport, and we couldn't have been more happy about it!!

WC: I don't get this Wrestling thing, what's behind Americans' fascination of it?

MM: Americans LOVE VIOLENCE!!! How the hell ya think we got this country?!?!?!?!!!

WC: You do tattoos for a living?

MM: Yeah, I've been tattooin' for eight years now, and I've been workin' at Artistic Expressions here in Freeport for a year and a half now, but Keith and I are plannin' on relocating to Texas soon.

WC: What song do you want played at your funeral?

MM: That's a tough one! I'm not religious at all, but I think I'd have to go with the El Vez version of "How Great Thou Art". There will also be free keg beer if anyone' s interested!!!

WC: You guys do a lot of touring at the moment, any plans for the future regards tours and record releases?

MM: A tour would be tough for us to do right now financially, but I'm willin to go for broke and do it. If only I could talk the rest of the guys into it....

POST-SCRIPT: After Jens' talk with the band, wouldn't you know they go ahead and break up? Seems Midwest Mark got an invite to head down to Austin,Texas, and hang out with Thee Whiskey Rebel and crew and he could not resist the pull of steers and beers (no queers,thank you). That brings to an untimely end one of the more unique and authentic bands to ever come out of the Northern Illinois scene. It is to be hoped that the members continue on in their musical careers and hold true to the sleazy, pure rock that Dual Exhaust spewed out. Much luck to them in the future...Dr. Mality)