DIAMOND REXX “Sleazy Does It” 

By Theron Moore

I got turned on to DIAMOND REXX back in the 80’s when I’d hit my two favorite record stores in Rockford, IL: Disc Records inside Cherryvale Mall and Appletree Records which was located in this semi-ritzy outdoor mall, and I’d see “Land Of The Damned”, the debut record by DIAMOND REXX staring me right in the face when I’d walk inside both stores. It was arather pleasing, dirty, sleazy, glammy, punk inspired record. It was everything I wanted from my Sunset Strip bands, except, DIAMOND REXX was based out of Chicago!

Although DIAMOND REXX has changed and shifted over the years, they’ve remained true to form in terms of the music they’ve always been known for, the aforementioned dirty, sleazy, glammy, punk inspired swagger they’ve had since day one, and much of that is attributed to the diehard, do-or-die attitude of founder / lead singer Nasti Habits, who ,if anything, has put the proverbial pedal to the metal with DIAMOND REXX and kept that band a monster to be reckoned with.

WORMWOOD CHRONICLES: So, prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, the band was getting ready to enter the studio and record a new record. Did it happen or has it been postponed?

NASTI HABITS: Actually, the CD was already finished just before the virus hit.

WC: Who is in the band right now? Take us through the lineup if you will, please.

NH: The original line up from the “Land of the Damned”: S.S. (guitar), Andre (bass) & Johnny Cottone (drums)...First time the 4 of us all recorded together since our debut album.

WC: DIAMOND REXX has always had a dirty, punky, glammy edge to the band’s image and sound. Can we expect that with the new record?

NH: Hell yeah!!! Probably a little more aggressive & punkier, kinda in the MOTORHEAD vein… it also seems to get heavier & darker as it rolls on as well…,

WC: Why keep DIAMOND REXX in Chicago, why not move to LA and become part of that legendary rock scene, or, does that legendary rock scene not exist any longer?

NH: Mainly ‘cause we all live here & love Chi-Town. This city is in our blood; we would like to venture out west & tour the new CD, though, when the time is right.

WC: What’s the status of DIAMOND REXX as a band these days, is it a full-time job for you and the other bandmembers or is it a part time gig that’s more passion than pay?

NH: HaHa!!! It's always been more passion than pay. If you’re doing this for the money, you’re in it for the wrong reason. It's kinda like a sickness or disease… it's in our soul &
spirit… it's a part of us… u can't turn it off.

WC: It seems like we’ve lived through two distinct ages of music and pop culture: The MTV era and the YouTube era. Which era do you think has been the best for music and maybe benefitted DIAMOND REXX more? MTV or YouTube?

NH: Obviously, we are where we are… it's a different world… you have to adapt to succeed… as long as we stay true to who we are, things will work out.

WC: Strictly from a fan perspective, what kind of relationship did you and DIAMOND REXX have with Chicago natives, ENUFF Z’ NUFF? Was it a friendship or was it competitive? What’s it like now?

NH: Absolutely a friendship… likewise with all the bands in that scene such as PARADOXX & HAMMERON to name a few… I think we all inspired each other to push harder rather than to think of it as a competition… at least, it was that way for us.

WC: Where do you see DIAMOND REXX post the Covid-19 situation? If there is no large gatherings allowed, and night clubs continue to be shut down, there’s a lot of bands as well as venues that may not survive this pandemic. Have you guys, as a band, talked about this, what’s the feeling amongst everyone?

NH: We're already hoping to book a record release party in late October… hopefully by next spring or sooner we can put together a tour and get this new CD out there.

WC: Gene Simmons once famously said that rock n’ roll is dead. Is it really dead or is Gene full of shit?

NH: Sometimes even smart people make silly statements… try telling that to our fans after a show, especially the ones who travel great distances to be there. Todd & Harold, u know
who I'm talking about.

WC: Second part of this question. Do you think the advancement of technology (downloading, streaming, etc) has helped or hurt today’s musicians / bands? What about DIAMOND REXX? Has technology killed rock N roll?

NH: I don't think it helped in the financial sense, you make more from a CD than a download. On the other hand the positive thing is that it's easier to get your music out by to the public thru social media and it’s easier to stay connected to the fans also.  

WC: We’re five painful months into 2020. Does DIAMOND REXX play a live show by the end of the year, what’s your prediction? And by the way, doing a virtual live streaming event counts, also. 

NASTI HABITS: Absolutely… like I said, hopefully a record release party… also looking into a local fest in December to help the local clubs get back on their feet. We are also looking
into some live streaming events… keep an eye on our FB page & website for updates. The new CD "Psych Ward" will be out August 28th, 2020 & you can catch a
glimpse of that by checking out our new lyric video for the single "Love is Pain" on YouTube… keep it rockin'! 8346 8346!!!