Debris Inc - Happy violent drunken stoner doom punks!

By Jens Hellroute

My good friend Dr. Mality was kind enough to recommend this 'allstar' combo to me. Debris Inc. is the unholy brainchild of the legendary Saint Vitus guitarist Dave Chandler who wanted to create some Stoner Punk madness. To some it might seem like an odd genre, but it actually makes perfect sense since Henry Rollins (in his Black Flag heydays) got Saint Vitus signed to SST Records in the early 80s. Debris Inc.'s recent selftitled debut album covers both X and Fear songs and does a bloody fine job at it! The 17 tracks are a shitraw filthy mix of frantic punk and heavy-as-fuck slow grinding sludge rock thats probably too unhip, brutal and unfashionable for today's MTV generation. Well, the 'sassy' kids can fuck off and die for all I care, cuz these hateful tunes sure warmed this middleaged headbanger's old crusty heart. Dave's partner in crime is Ron Holzner (ex-Trouble bassist). Other guest musicians are Barry Stern (RIP) of Zoetrope/Trouble fame along with Jimmy Bower (Eyehategod/Superjoint Ritual/Crowbar), Greg Rogers (Goatsnake/Obsessed) etc. Light the bong and enjoy the words of Mr. Chandler, who should run for president!

WORMWOOD CHRONICLES: First, my condolences on the death of Barry Stern.

Dave: Thanks, man.

WC: It's quite an impressive list of musicians featured on the Debris Inc. album. They are all long time friends of yours?

Dave Chandler: They've all been living in my butt. Not really, I met most of them only since Debris Inc. got together.

WC: When Saint Vitus released LPs on SST, a lotta punk acts were also in their catalogue. The album really shows your appreciation of aggressive punk as well as the heavy stuff, you've labelled your style as 'Happy Violent Drunken Stoner Doom Punk', so I guess the it was a labor of love?

DC: I guess you could call it that, but we meshed both styles because its fun.

WC: To me, it's a brave uncompromising album that doesn't give a fuck about any present commercial trands. The song "Full Of Shit" is about the music business, right?

DC: Yes, it's about how the music business sells people a bunch of SHIT that isn't worth their hard earned dollars!!!

WC: I hope you won't take offense but the tunes really pleased this 40 year old Venom fan.

DC: That's cool - I like Venom.

WC: You cover Fear's "I Loving Living In The City" and "Nausea" by X, any other punk classics you were considering or might do in the future?

DC: We're considering a few, but haven't decided upon anything yet.

WC: Is "The Old Man And His Bong" autobiographical?

DC: It describes my day-to-day activities.

WC: What's the line-up when Debris Inc. tours? Many guest appearences?

DC: We always use a different drummer, currently it's Henry Vasquez (from SourVein & ArchieBunker) and we'll have different people jam with us depending upon who's in town when we play shows. It's a spontaneous thing.

WC: How has the audience received Debris Inc.?

DC: For the most part, pretty well, Doomheads don't understand it yet, the fast songs confuse them.

WC: I've heard rumors of a Saint Vitus reunion, any truth in that?

DC: Not that I know of, we already did that.

WC: What's the craziest thing you've experienced on the road?

DC: When Vitus toured with the Mentors, we had house fires, a drunken El Duce going berserk, etc. I had a girl look at me, scream, and run away in England, that was weird.

WC: If Debris Inc. ruled the world what'd you do?

DC: I would legalize marijuana, ban anything by Seinfeld, Oprah, Rosie, Roseann, & EMINEM, cancel all reality TV shows, send Dennis Rodman and Fred Durst to the moon with no space suits. I would also be rich, drunk, full, and I would shit in my front-yard every morning because we rule. Oh yeah, I would make all politicians wear Kiss make-up. (Sounds like a sensible platform to me...Dr. Mality)

WC: Favorite choice of booze, drug and movies?

DC: Vodka, beer, marijuana & porno.

WC: Anything to add?

DC: Thanks for the interview, buy the Debris Inc. record and listen to it with an open mind (we need money).

Debris Inc's Official Website