Dean Dirg - Raw Frustations Write Out Songs!

By Jens Hellroute

German speed punk’n’rollers Dean Dirg are one of the most exciting European bands in recent years, and their gig last at Ungdomshuset (RIP) was simply mindblowin’. Fast-as-fuck yet incredibly tight and hardrockin’, Zeke fans should definitely invest in their records which all excel in a sensational mix of punk, rock’n’roll and hardcore. Drummer Børge and bassist Torsten were kind enough fill me in on the secrets of Dean Dirg. Other members are Doph (vocals) and guitarist Claus.

WORMWOOD CHRONICLES: Your first gig ever was in 1999 at a party on a graveyard?

Torsten: Luckily, yes. Some nerdy guy's father was taking care of the cemetery and somehow he thought it was a good idea to let his kid have his birthday party in some big gardening shed at the graveyard. That's either pretty naive, pretty cool or pretty sick.

Børge: The guy`s band played at last. A Simple Minds styled coverband with songs like “Knockin` On Heaven’s Door” and “Eye Of The Tiger”. They were so serious doing those songs. It was a honor to play with`em!

WC: Your gig last year at Ungdomhuset in Copenhagen was one of the best ones I’ve seen in that place in some odd 22 years!

Torsten: Thanx for that and well, there´s probably not gonna be a better one now that the fuckers closed it down.

WC: “Don’t Make Fun Of Henry Fiats, Maybe They’re Really Retards” goes one of your songs, haha. Good friends of yours? You made a split single.

Børge: We never would do a split with a band that`s not a friend of ours. They told us that they do a song about us. So we expected the worst and try to do even more.

Torsten: We´ve been around a lot with them and it´s always nice to meet them. They´re among the world´s best, snottiest and most retarded bands.

Børge: Yeah, and we`ll be on tour with`em again in April this year.

WC: Musically one could also compare you to Henry Fiats "Open Sore". What other bands do you like (new and old)?

Torsten: We dig a lot of classical shit from all styles. Be it early hiphop, classic punk or original hardcore. Basically everything that’s raw and that´s got spirit. Musically we are into TONS of different stuff, and we guess you can hear that in our songs.

Børge: We`re not that fans of narrow minded taste. It haS to be real and must come from the heart without bein` emo, you know? (No style of music is more emotionally phony than emo-->
WC: You’re pretty tight musicians, do you rehearse a lot?

Torsten: Honestly, not at all, we rehearse on the day we play a gig. Now that we are planning to do more new shit, we meet more often for that now. Like once every 2 weeks.

Børge: We rehearsed a lot of years before we play our first shows. So we can relax now.

WC: Your lyrics seem to about pissing people off and having fun... life’s too short for politics?

Torsten: Not at all, it would be wrong to say that the people in Dean Dirg give no shit about politics. We just don´t
feel like offering manifestos. Raw frustration writes our songs and that´s what makes people sing along we hope. That´s pretty political in itself.

WC: The German r’n’r scene 2007. I may not know what the hell I’m talking about, but only you and Hidden Charms seems to be the only two really good new bands I can think of right now. Are Cellophane Suckers and Moorat Fingers still around?

Børge: No, they`re dead. Especially the Moorat Fingers, who we liked a lot. Most of their members played in Shakin` Nasties (R.I.P.). But there`re some other bands: The Situations for example, or the Shocks are best bands in our area!

WC: Anyone told Doph he looks like a young Rudi Völler, the German soccer hero?

Torsten: He knows, and who wouldn´t be proud of THAT?

Børge: He also looks like Wolgang Petri, a very famous singer for Old Wives With Broken Hearts. The most people in Scandinavia told us he looks too German to be true.

WC: Music bios are the hottest craze in Hollywood right now. Who should direct the story of Dean Dirg?

Torsten: That´s a tough one. We definitely want Steven Seagal to play Doph.

Børge: And Doph himself playin` that dog that bit my ass last year.

WC: Any new recordings on the way, tours etc.?

Torsten: A new album is gonna be recorded and released this summer, watch out for that. And an European tour is planned for late summer too.

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