Interview by Earthdog

 Cauldron are another band keeping "real metal" alive.By real, i mean old school, not computerized and digitized. This is down to earth headbanging Heavy Metal.There are a lot of bands trying to go down this route, but they don't get much better than Cauldron. Now bang thy head and read this interview with bass/vocalist Jason Decay.

WORMWOOD CHRONICLES: Tell us how you metal maniacs first got together ?

JASON DECAY: We first got together when Ian flew to Toronto to audition for Cauldron just after the demise of Goat Horn. We were looking for a new guitar player to pick up where Goat Horn left off a month earlier.

WC: Is the old school Metal approach something you have always wanted to play ?

JD: No, just metal as we see and hear it has been our goal. We don't want to fuck with the music that we are so beloved of, we just want to playit and hopefully add something to it , you know?

WC: Your album "Chained To The Nite" is on Earache Records. Is it pretty cool to be on the same label as Cathedral, etc ?

JD: Yeah, no problems there! It's an honor to be smashed between Carcass and Cathedral in the Earache catalogue!

WC: How did that deal come about ?

JD: Earache I guess heard about us through the press from our first EP "Into the Cauldron" and our first trip to Europe back in April 2007. They got in touch just over a year ago to see what we were looking for and once we agreed upon something, we got rolling.

WC: One thing i really like about the band is it's old school Metal but still sounds really fresh. Is there anything you do that makes this happen ?Some other bands kind of sound like NWOBHM tribute bands but you guys are different !

JD: Well, we know exactly what kind of music we want to play and aside from that, we know we want a real "human" sounding band that encompasses a big guitar and drum sound. It's pretty simple really, we just go into a big room and crank up the amps and pound the drums and lay it down on tape and don't really fuck with computers. We don't want to sound fake.

WC: I read you enjoy a few you get in trouble sometimes ?

JD: Yeah, we like to drink, we like to have a good time and sometimes certain people don't like that... fuck em!

WC: How has the Canadian scene been like for you. Is there still a market for this brand of Metal over there ?

JD: Well, not a big market. I mean, we're not going to make much money playing this kind of music in Canada, and Canada is especially hard to tour because of the small population compared to the land mass. That, and half of Canada is brainwashed by the United States media, which is going to make it even more difficult for real metal to survive. Anyway, we've had some successful Canadian tours, but that doesn'tmean your band can!

WC: The old school Metal sound has somewhat of a comeback in recent times. Do you think people are getting tired of cookie monster black/death vocals and super fast drum beats and all that ?

JD: Apparently so. I'm pretty sick of it, I don't even know what the fucks going on with that computer shit 'false' metal anymore anyway. I don't really give a shit. It's not that I hate death vocals or fast drums beats, but I hate fake sounding computer played records with no pulse. I like to hear the passionate human element in music.

WC: What bands do you model yourself on if any or is it a wide range of influences?

JD: There's a pretty wide range of bands that we're influenced by, the list could go on for quite a while, but basically we're influenced by catchy riffs, good song writing, heavy guitars and big drums. Pretty simple, actually, but we pull from all sorts of bands, but most notably we owe it all the the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and what Brian Slagel did in the 80's. As far as a band that we model ourselves after, I would say Metallica if they broke up around 1990.

WC: Do you have any big shows lined up and what is the plans for the rest of 2009 ?

JD: We start a European tour in June at the Tyrolen Muskelrock Festival in Sweden that sees us through Sweden, Germany, Holland, Denmark, and back to the UK with Enforcer. Then we head back to Canada and the USA for a couple months in the summer.

WC: What would be the ultimate show for Cauldron to be a part of ?

JD: Well, playing with Black Sabbath (Heaven And Hell actually), Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest or Matallica would pretty amazing not only because of what they mean to us, but what those bands have accomplished in metal and what kind of crowds we could play in front of... that would be pretty cool!

WC: You have had some good reviews already. Do you take much notice of reviews in general ?

JD: I haven't really seen any reviews of the new record yet, but I'd like to. Of course I like to see what people's perceptions are of the band.

WC: What has been the highlights so far since the band formed ?

JD: Our first European tour with Twisted Tower Dire was the best!

WC: What is the easiest way for people to get hold of your stuff. Online ?

JD: At the live show! The new album should be available wherever you buy music come April 6th, or you can pre-order it though earache. com - the first EP is available on our website.

WC: Finally, sum up the band in a few words ?

JD: Old Beer.

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