PARKING NAKED...and talking with Bif

by Hollywood
From the Northlands of Canada comes a voice that rises above the AvrilLavignes and Celine Dions of the frozen North. I'm talking about the
legendary Bif Naked, one of the most kick-ass punk rock vocalists I have ever heard! With her just recently released CD "Purge", Bif is onceagain reminding us what good listening is when it comes to infectiouspunk with the right amount of pop and rock thrown in.

This is her third full length CD since the release of her self-titled"Bif Naked" CD in 1996. With numerous videos on MTV and appearances oneverything from the Lilith Tour to the Jay Leno show, Bif is one of the most recognizable women in rock with those piercing eyes, Bettie Page hair and incredible tattoos.
I recently had the chance to chat with Bif for a brief moment about her new release, touring and her beloved pets! Here's what she had to say...

WC: Hi, Bif! How's it going?

BIF NAKED: Good, I'm driving in downtown Vancouver at the moment talking on a cell phone so forgive me if I sound garbled...

WC: Just to get a brief background, how did you get started in all this?

BN: I was a theater major in Winnipeg and always liked writing and performing. I ended up in this band and it all went from there.
WC: You are quite the international artist. You were born in India, right?

BN: Yes, my parents were missionaries and I was living in India for the first couple years of my life. I also lived in the US before settling

WC: How about your inspirations as an artist?

BN: Oh well, punk, of course! DOA, Henry Rollins...

WC: You actually recorded with DOA...

BN: Yes, we did "All Across the USA".

WC: Who else would you like to work with someday?

BN: I'd love to record a duet with Henry Rollins, something like "Endless Love". Also, Gwen Steffani, I think she's incredible!

(At this point, there is the sound of shifting items in her vehicle...)

BN: Shit! I'm sorry, I'm trying to parallel park, I hate dogs are getting restless...

WC: You mean Nick Naked and Miss Anastasia? [Nice research, Hollywood!--Dr. Mality]

BN: Yup, that's them!

WC: I like the "notes" they left in your "Purge" CD booklet!

BN: Yes, they even thank their fans and dedicate my CD to Leo the Bichon who was murdered on the LA freeway a while back...

WC: You're also quite the aspiring actress. You've been in several movies and TV series. Which appearance is your favorite?

BN: Hey, I take work where I can get it! My most favorite was the indy film "Lunch With Charles".

WC: So are there any tours coming up?

BN: Just finished one a few months ago but I'll be back on the road in 2003 again.

WC: Yeah, I just missed your show in Rock Island.

BN: We didn't get to do that one anyway. Our bus had difficulties in New York so we had to cancel that one.

WC: This is a required question in all Wormwood interviews. Any Spinal Tap moments?

BN: (laughs) Well, almost every moment of our tours in a Spinal moment. We don't take ourselves too seriously...

WC: I know you have quite a following in the "X-Treme Sports" crowd.

BN: Wow, that's cool. I love snowboarding. But there's not too much snow this year...I need to get away from the city to find it, I guess!

We ended our conversation after she had safely parked her van and calmed her two companion Bichons...keep an ear out for "Purge" and an eye open for a live Bif Naked show the next time she is touring. Her live show is NOT to be missed!