BABY WOODROSE "Copenhagen Garagerock Deluxe!"

by Jens Hellroute

The brainchild behind this new sensational rock'n'roll trio is Lorenzo Woodrose (voc/leadguitar) who's been playing drums for years in Copenhagen garage vets ON TRIAL. Lorenzo recorded a full length album "Blows Your Mind!" where he played all instruments himself!

He then recruited Riki (4-string guitar bass) who also co-produced the album and Rocco Woodrose on drums. Baby Woodrose plays 60's style garagerock with psychedelic feel, sort of Roky Erickson meets The Seeds with more balls. And they are a killer live band too, so take a trip though the center of their minds!

Wormwood Chronicles: Okay, Lorenzo, you're the man behind Baby Woodrose. What are your r'n'r influences?

Lorenzo: It's a combination of all the stuff I've been listening to the last 15-20 years. From surf and soul to garagerock and progressive hippierock. A good mix of those genres and then cut down to the very raw basics.

WC: Yeah, because BWR ain't as trippy and lightweight as much psychedelic music, it's more primal and raw?

Lorenzo: I don't even know if you can call BWR psychedelic, to me it's just rock'n'roll!

WC:I presume you're into stuff like Roky Erickson that's pretty obvious, but I was also thinking of bands like Electric Prunes, Amboy Dukes?

Lorenzo: Yeah, I've also been listening to stuff like that.

WC:What covers do you play in your set?

Lorenzo: "My flash on you" (Love), "Don't look back" (Lollipop Shoppe), "Hangup" (The Wailers), "6654321" (Troggs), "My baby loves to boogaloo" (Don Gardner), "The World Aint Round It's Square" (The Savages) and "Dirty Old Man" (The Electras).

WC: You have released a full length debut, "Blows Your Mind", it's released on your label or do you have some form of distribution?

Lorenzo: It's a self release but we have this guy in Germany at Swamp Room Records.

WC:What do you think of the market for this kind of music in Denmark? Riki, you also play in On Trial which is kinda comparable to BWR as being forerunners of new Danish psychrock or whatever.

Riki: There's hardly a market in Denmark for it.

Lorenzo: I play drums in On Trial and have always written songs and stuff, and I wanted to sing as well. The scene in Denmark for this kind of music is very limited, that's why we'll try get our CD release in other countries.

Riki: I've heard his stuff for years, you know, listened to his 4-track recordings of songs. I was very impressed, so when I heard the songs on "Blows Your Mind" where Lorenzo play all instruments, I was glad to join him on stage. I've really been waiting for this to happen. Actually, I think that BWR has more broad appeal than other garagebands because it's so simple.

Lorenzo: I'm into writing simple raw songs with a drive, because there's a lot of psychedelic bands who are just, you know, into making trippy songs without a melody. I like catchy classic songs with melody. It's my passion, to write songs that you can actually remember

WC:I can hear you've been playing with echos and stuff in the studio, Lorenzo?

Lorenzo: We actually tried to reduce that stuff, ha ha. Compared to On Trial there's not much. That's the idea behind BWR; to cut it down to the basics, I mean, we are a trio! Keep it primitive.

WC: Rocco, you have played in Bobby Wouw, a surf band, and are still playing in garagerockers Frantic 4, right?

Rocco: Yeah, we're tryin' to get Frantic 4 started again.

WC: So when did you hook up with BWR?

Rocco: Around New Year's Eve 2000, and then I received the songs and then we started playing together.

WC: Must've been great for you just to get in band where everything was ready?

Rocco: Yeah, you avoid a lot of trouble of writing songs and stuff, so that's pretty neat. You just rehearse to play live. And these guys have played for years so I've also learn a lot.

Lorenzo: We think it's so cool that Rocco is so young.

Riki: And so hetero, ha ha.

Lorenzo: Riki and I are like these old fools, so fresh young blood is good.

WC:What does the name Baby Woodrose actually mean? I'd imagine something sexual?

Lorenzo: No, BWR is a flower which seeds gives a hallucinating effect. If you type our name on the world wide web you'll get like 3000 sites of people trying to sell you mail order drugs, ha ha.

Ricci: Natural high, ha ha.

WC:Okay then, Lorenzo, do you prefer mushrooms to LSD?

Lorenzo: Ha ha, I'm getting too old for that shit. I mean, I've done all drugs I needed, acid and mushrooms. I would like to warn people of that, ha ha. There are lots of other great highs like love, sex and rock'n'roll.

WC:People like Roky Erickson and Syd Barrett are pretty bad examples of what too much acid can do with you. I mean, they like vegetables now?

Lorenzo: LSD was a lot stronger in those days. Now people do ecstasy and dance for like 8 hours, ha ha. It's nothing in comparison of how much acid Roky Erickson took.

Riki: You just need to eat enough stamps, ha ha.

Lorenzo: Yeah, if 2 is enough then eat 5, and you"re cruisin", ha ha.

WC: Lorenzo, seems like you have fascination with girl names on "Blows Your Mind", there are titles like "Pandora", "Flaminica", "Maya" and "Kara Lynn"

Lorenzo: Yeah, of course. And I specifically asked for a nude girl cover for the album.

WC: Who made that hand drawn "virgina" cover?

Lorenzo: An artist group called Malleus who makes covers, magazines, websites. Two guys who play in a band called UFOmammut.

WC: Okay, you won't call your sound psychedelic. I've been playing your CD to Stoner rock fans, and they're crazy about it. But Stoner rock is very hard rock based?

Lorenzo: For starters, we don't even have bassist, ha ha.

Riki: Just a guitar with 4 fat strings.

Lorenzo: We are a lot more 60's influenced, Stoner rock is more 70's inspired, you know, Black Sabbath style. But I also think there's a big difference between Baby Woodrose live and studio sound. On the album there's organ, tambourines and stuff and live we just a trio.

WC: I can hear on "Blows Your Mind" that you have sampled some dialogue of LSD documentaries, from Something Weird Video, I guess? I love the outro of "Pandora"; This is what acid is supposed to accomplish.

Lorenzo: Yeah, it's from some late 60's compilation tapes a friend have bought. Actually, he bought them in your filmshop,ha ha.

WC: I've heard a tape of BWR songs, a raw mix, I think. I've heard you're planning to release the songs on a special vinyl album?

Lorenzo: Yeah, I don't know if it's gonna be an album or some singles, but it will definitely be released, because we probably sound more like that when we play live.

WC: Any plans for the future?

Lorenzo: We working on a tour to Sweden and Germany.

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