As I Lay Dying - Out of the Shadows

By Sgt. Deth

 This band is out in the mainstream now. It is great to see this brutal style of music become so popular. In my opinion they just blew Slipknot off the stage on their recent stop here. I sure wasn't surprised after meeting them...they really seem to be putting every waking breath into this project.

Wormwood Chronicles: So many people are excited to have this show in Rockford...has the show sold out tonight yet?

Tim Lambesis: I'm not sure right now, I know it didn't sell out pre-sale.

WC: Have any of the shows on this tour sold out or came close?

TL: Mostly the far-East Coast shows like Massachussetts, Philadelphia, and the New York shows, but the New York shows had to be cancelled.

WC: Was Ozzfest exhausting?

TL: It was long, but it was so much fun. Every time I would get tired...being around all my friends and all the other bands would just bring the energy back up.

WC: Do you have any opinions about being on Ozzfest, if it were to take place next year?

TL: I think we will probably take a year off and see what happens next year. Maybe we will do Sounds of the Underground or some other big festival style tour. I would just like to take a year off Ozzfest and see what happens now that Ozzy is not doing it.

WC: I really like the new CD, "Shadows are Security", is the band happy with its production and distribution?

TL: With our old CD we built the foundations so we were able to do everything we wanted to do. We built the foundations so we would have the money to record, and now the record company is really helping to promote the new CD.

WC: I've heard the whole band does the song writing, is there ever any major disagreements?

TL: Yes, definitely...I am used to writing all the stuff in the past. A lot of times, I think I am the most opinionated person. I'm sure I can be very hard to get along with when I am very opinionated about something. In the end we are all fighting for the same thing. I just want everyone to be happy and I have no problem admitting when I am wrong.

WC: Why does bassist Clint Norris sing "Confined"?

TL: He has a better voice for it than I do. For 45 minutes every night I am screaming the time we get to the slower singing parts his voice is much more refined for it than mine is.

WC: Who or what influenced you to get into music?

TL: Ever since I was in 7th grade I wanted to play guitar. I remember being like 13 years old and buying CDs of my own and hearing Metallica -" Master of Puppets" and wanting to find more CDs along those lines.

WC: What instruments do you play?

TL: Guitar, bass guitar, and vocals.

WC: Who are some of your musical influences?

TL: Old Metallica had influence to get me started, but I think the style of my guitar has had a lot of influence from some of the more melodic Iron Maiden stuff.

WC: Where has been your favorite place to play so far in 2005?

TL: The L.A. Ozzfest was a totally amazing show for us...and of course every time we play San Diego...especially our CD release show we had there.

WC: Did you ever consider doing any other career besides the music business?

TL: I was in school before the band started to do well. I was a philosophy major, so I didn't really have a job in mind. It's a real hard major to apply to a job. I was just kind of going just to go...I don't really know what I would be doing if I wasn't in music.

WC: What do you do on your free time for fun?

TL: We're on tour so often, I really try to catch up with everyone I miss back at home...friends and family. I'll have bar-b-ques with family and friends over.

WC: Big keg parties?

TL: No, I'm kind of mellow on the drinking. I just like hanging out with people I miss.

WC: Do you have any funny Spinal Tap moments to share with us about your touring experiences?

TL: Some of the guys in Slipknot are not very recognizable without their masks on and we have been hanging out back stage talking to people and we never really are sure if they are part of Slipkot or some other band...or just people hanging out. We have said good show to total strangers, and we have treated Slipknot members like total strangers by accident.

WC: Is there any final words for our readers?

TL: We spend so much time on tour, and we sure appreciate all the support that you and our fans give us. We will be on the road again with Madball next.

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