Danish viking scum. Born the same year the redneck gore epic ”2000 Maniacs” (RIP David F. Friedman) tore up the drive-ins. First two shows I ever attended was a KISS/Iron Maiden concert  and the Danish synth postpunks Kliche in 1980. The year after I saw “Caligula” and “Ilsa She Wolf Of The SS” in a grindhouse theater in Copenhagen. Three events that changed my teenage life. Most of the 80s were spent on going to thrash metal and hardcore punk gigs with acts like Exodus, Venom, Christ On Parade, BGK, Slayer, Whiplash, DRI, Dark Angel, Kreator, Artillery, Sodom, ANTiSEEN, and MDC. In the 90s it was mostly garagepunk bands from Crypt and Rip Off Records like Oblivians, New Bomb Turks, Infections, Reatards and Billy Childish. Now it’s mostly synthy postpunk, noiserock, freejazz, KBD punk and black/death/doom metal that’s on my turntable. In 1998 my (only) book “Kitsch, Camp & John Waters” was published. Same year I started singing in Hellroute 16, a Copenhagen punkrock’n’roll band, which did two reunion shows in 2010, one supporting teenage punk faves Angry Samoans. December 2010 some close friends and I formed Tumor Warlord, a post-apocalyptic postpunk combo with me on vocals. I’ve written for several music and film zines over the years like Absurd, OX-fanzine, Moshable, eXtase,, Stay Sick,, and of course Wormwood Chronicles. Got a sunday radio show, Radio Franco 98.9FM, a monthly film club called Virus Bio (which mostly shows Easteuropean and Japanese new wave film from the 60s), and I did punkrock music tv (UGMTV) and put on underground shows like Human Eye in a friend’s basement. Been on two lengthy US tours with Danish punk bands in my favorite place of the world;  the South. My all-time favorite movie directors are Mario Bava, Roger Corman, John Waters, Stanley Kubrick, Jodorowsky, early Cronenberg and Russ Meyer. Currently political active in the Sex Workers Rights and SIO movements who fight for the legalization of prostitution.