Derelikt Waugh was found crying in a dumpster in the foul, wretched year of 1977. There was a note safety-pinned to his left nostril which read: “Here, you keep him.” Unfortunately for them, the nuns at the orphanage had to do exactly that. Even at the tender age of one, he had an insatiable lust for cigarettes, booze and broads (in that precise running order). He became infamous for his tornado-like temper tantrums that sometimes resulted in severe injuries (and in one particularly heated instance, the death of a fellow toddler). Yes, he was a downright evil lil’ bastard and the nuns had nearly given up on controlling him in any capacity, when a tune on the transistor radio caught his pagan ear and got his heathen blood pumping something fierce.

That tune was called “Paranoid” by a band from Birmingham, England called Black Sabbath. This pummeling, demonic ditty scared the absolute holy shit out of the nuns. Derelikt has continued to dig music that frightens nuns ever since. He loves everything ranging from death metal and doom, to NWOBHM and crust punk. If it’s noisy and pissed off, there’s more than a fair chance that he’s gonna love it. When Derek’s not busy banging his head furiously and drooling on himself, he occasionally writes (poorly) and draws beautiful pictures of horrendously ugly things. He lives in Ohio and thinks often of ways to wipe it clean from the earth.