Dark Starr has a multi-faceted biography. To many he is known as Gary Hill. That was his given Terran name, and it has gotten him through many a venture, including achieving a Personal Computer Information Specialist degree and Webmaster Certificate at Rock Valley College . It is also under this guise that he publishes his own ezine Music Street Journal, www.musicstreetjournal.

The name suffices for his work as a writer with both Internet Brands Publishing, Demand Studios and Suite 101 . It previously served as the name for Starr’s work at All Music Guide, Crud Magazine and Beet Café. He has also performed by this name with several Northern Illinois garage bands including Omen, Windhaven and Wyld Chyld. He also released several CD’s under that label, the majority of which were originally released on cassette in the 1980s.

Perhaps the name “Gary Hill” is best known as the writer of the book The Strange Sound of Cthulhu: Music Inspired by the Writings of H.P. Lovecraft. Indeed, that book will see publication in a German edition in the summer of 2011 and a new and expanded English edition in 2013. It, along with all the Gary Hill music CDs and books of Music Street Journal articles (along with a book of concert photography), can be found at

However, that is only part of the story, under the name Dark Starr he is also known to some as the former bassist of the unusual band KZha. They were responsible for releasing one cassette, which included such seminal favorites as "Waking Up The Birds", "Generic Tubesocks" and the immortal, "Life Sucks and Then You Die". There has even been talk of a CD release of this group, assuming the master tapes (or any copy) of the original records can again be unearthed. In fact, should anyone out there own a copy, please contact Dark in this regard.

The real story is far more unusual, though. Dark is not actually human, being conceived on the Klingon homeworld by Klingon parents. He was genetically and surgically altered to appear human so that he could gain knowledge of the human way of life as a first step in the inevitable conquest of Earth by the Imperial Klingon Empire. He was then surgically implanted as a replacement for a human embryo into an unsuspecting human parent. The Klingon blood runs strong, though, and eventually emerged. Dark is now working towards establishing a Klingon outpost for the Empire so that when they return to get him the planet will be ripe for the picking.