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posted Mar 27, 2021, 9:24 AM by Mike Korn   [ updated Mar 27, 2021, 9:24 AM ]


We certainly have our share of unusual interviews here at WC, but there are some that stand out even in this strange crop. Well, here's one. OCTOPI MILLS, a rather eccentric fellow himself, has an extremely in-depth discussion with Mr. SAMI HYNINNEN, better known as ALBERT WITCHFINDER of the legendary Finnish doom act REVEREND BIZARRE. REVEREND BIZARRE is no more, but Mr. Witchfinder carries on with the peculiar doom/drone project OPIUM WARLORDS. In this chat, he speaks frankly about his own mental state, his theories of creativity, his amazing slate of upcoming releases and an exhaustive list of films, books and band that inspire him. It's a truly revealing interview and you can experience it HERE.

Upcoming, I can tell you that I ventured to the heart of India to speak to one of the fastest rising metal bands there, AGAINST EVIL! Plus I'm working on another major interview I hope to reveal to you soon. It will be a busy and transformative year here at Wormwood Laboratories...I will keep you up to date.

We also have an extended trip into the slimy depths of the Torture Chamber for you this time around, including a review from the returning GREAT SUN JESTER!

STONE MAMMOTH                                                                  "Stone Mammoth"

NIXIL                                                                                    "All Knots Untied"

JARHEAD FERTILIZER                                                             "Product of My Environment"

PLAGUE WEAVER                                                                   "Ascendant Blasphemy"

CRYSTAL VIPER                                                                     "The Cult"

TIMO ELLIS                                                                          "Death Is Everywhere" EP

THRONE                                                                               "Pestilent Dawn"

THE SUN AND THE MIRROR                                                    "Dissolution to Salt and Bone"

BURIED                                                                                 "Oculus Rot"