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posted Feb 19, 2012, 11:50 AM by Mike Korn
Lots of cool stuff to cover this week at Wormwood! Fans of good old-fashioned pro wrestling action with a Southern flair should enjoy my feature on TRADITIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING, an up and coming promotion out of Arkansas that features stars like Matt Riviera, Golden Boy Greg Anthony and Jeff Jett. Pictured above are the nefarious duo of Boyd Bradford and Killer Nikels. Read all about it HERE!
At last, after more than a year of hard work, the Wormwood Chronicles Archives are COMPLETED! That means you can now find 13 years worth of WC reviews, interviews and articles all under one roof. The massive Torture Chamber section was the hardest to finish....over 2100 CD reviews entered one at a time by yours truly. You can now cruise through the magnificence of Wormwood at your leisure, using the Archives links on the left side of the page or putting in specific names and themes in the "Search" box at the top. WHEW! Glad that is over with!
And now I would like to introduce and initiate the latest member of the Wormcrew, MR. DERELIKT WAUGH. You can check out Derelikt's first review, for the band Massive Assault, below. We expect many more good things from this talented yet sleazy customer in the weeks to come. And now, let's dive right into this week's Torture Chamber:
MASSIVE ASSAULT                                                             "Death Strike"
LIBERTEER                                                                         "Better To Die On Your Feet Than Live On Your Knees"
NITROGODS                                                                       "Nitrogods"
GHOUL                                                                              "Transmission Zero"
PRIMAL FEAR                                                                      "Unbreakable"
MAJESTIC DOWNFALL                                                          "The Blood Dance"