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posted Feb 12, 2012, 9:57 AM by Mike Korn
Take a visit to the monstrous Antarctica of the future with sludge masters BLACK COBRA! If you think the South Pole is brutal now, wait until you see the future vision these guys have of it...teeming with mutant cannibals and terrifying monsters! The band visit this bleak landscape on their latest bone-breaking masterpiece "Invernal" and it's high time that Wormwood gets in on the action. I venture into the wasteland to talk to guitarist/vocalist JASON LANDRIAN about the challenges of being in a two-man metal group as well as the genesis of "Invernal" and what the future holds for these venomous vipers. Leave your snake repellent behind and head into the jungle HERE!
The Wormwood Chronicles Archives will be finished this week! Over 2100 Torture Chamber reviews, 325 interviews, 75 concert reviews and so forth have been entered here one by one by Yours Truly and no one is happier to be finished with the project than me! I also want to mention...keep an eye out for a NEW member of the Wormcrew coming up next week.
This week's Torture Chamber reviews are an eclectic bunch. Check out this motley crew...
IRON FIRE                                                         "Voyage of The Damned"
DEGRADATION                                                   "Juggernaut"
BUCK SATAN & THE 666 SHOOTERS                    "Bikers Welcome, Ladies Drink Free"
MIDNIGHT CHASER                                            "Rough and Tough"
METALIAN                                                         "Rock Solid"
MOLLO/MARTIN                                                 "The Third Cage"
LENINGRAD COWBOYS                                       "Buena Vodka Social Club"
ARCHGOAT                                                        "Heavenly Vulva"(Christ's Last Rites)
DEAD                                                                "Hardnaked...but Dead!"