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posted Jan 29, 2012, 7:12 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 3, 2014, 6:49 AM by Dan Gildea ]
It is time for all neophytes and humanoids to be schooled in the art of magick! The source of all magick is the mighty primal ocean ABSU and the waters of that mystic ocean flow into the black/death metal band that bears its name.  Now I don my acolyte's robe and enter the temple of ABSU to speak to the magus himself, drummer/singer/dreamer PROSCRIPTOR McGOVERN. This is truly one of the most unusual and in-depth interviews in the history of Wormwood. Proscriptor is a one of a kind musician and mentor and he reveals not only the secrets of Absu and their new record "Abzu" but also the roots of his philosophy. Prepare to learn your lessons HERE!
The Wormwood Chronicles archives near completion at last! In less than a month, almost all material from 13 years of mayhem will be transferred to the site. Wrapping up the final Torture Chamber reviews now...
We are always initiating new members into the Torture Chamber and this week is no different. Here are the latest...
THE HOUSE OF CAPRICORN                                                    "In The Devil's Days"
BEEHLER                                                                               "Messages From The Dead"
SYVEN                                                                                  "Aikaintainte"
ENTRAILS                                                                             "The Tomb Awaits"
ASTRAL DOORS                                                                     "Jerusalem"
SATURNIAN MIST                                                                  "Gnostikoi Hai-Shaitan"
REX MUNDI                                                                           "IHVH"