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posted Jan 3, 2012, 5:43 PM by Mike Korn
It was quite the momentous year for Wormwood Chronicles in 2011 and The Wormcrew made some significant strides in conquering the known universe. Now is the time for I, Dr. Abner Mality, to take stock of the year that was and list some of the notable achievements that stand out.
          *Faces are always coming and going, but this year saw the biggest acquisition of talent in Wormwood's history. Yes, there are souls reckless and repulsive enough to join this organization. We made some huge additions to the staff with the likes of LORD RANDALL (veteran scribe well known for many endeavors), OCTOPI MILLS the keeper of elder secrets, PROFESSOR JOCKO the Harley-riding renegade academic rocker and THE SUN JESTER, cosmic joker and lover of all things Purple. These guys added a lot to the zine and we hope they stick around for a long time!!!
          *Interviews are always a big part of Wormwood and we had some great ones this year. Among the personal highlights for me were talking to the crafty KING FOWLEY of DECEASED, the highly controversial but nevertheless thoroughly charismatic DAVID VINCENT of MORBID ANGEL, the even MORE controversial and utterly British METATRON from metal templars THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL, and finally, none other than the Scumdog of Scumdogs, ODERUS URUNGUS of GWAR. Not to mention, I got to speak to DEATH ANGEL, MACABRE and WITHERED...
           *Those were just MY interviews! Here are some of the other ones:
            LORD RANDALL had a knock-out debut talking to ANAAL NATHRAKH and LIFELOVER!
            EARTHDOG hob-nobbed with SOLITUDE AETURNUS, COUGH, ATLANTEAN KODEX, TANK86 and more doomy denizens!
            THOR broke the ice speaking to ORIGIN!
            JENS HELLROUTE the Insane Dane got pounded by ANVIL and spoke to LIPS!
            JOEWHO? managed to interview NEURAXIS!
           * We also had some heavy activity in the PHILM PHREAK section, including a look at the local Rockford slasher movie "RAYMOND DID IT!", a tribute to Peter Cushing, another heartfelt tribute to the late DAVID F. FRIEDMAN and an insane look at the film "ZARDOZ"!!!
           *It was another slow year for our wrestling section "Over the Top Rope", but we did manage a look at NWA HOLLYWOOD and a live review of FCW's WRESTLEROCK card. Look for more activity on the wrestling front in 2012!
           *The Wormwood Files delved once more into the weird and paranormal with articles on THE TATZELWURM, the mysterious death of ZIGMUND ADAMSKI, the doleful PROPHETS OF DOOM and the second part of my article on FLYING FREAKS!
            * The Wormwood Archives continued to fill up every day, thanks to ceaseless toil. Well over 2000 separate entries have been made and I can announce with great excitement that we are closing in on the end! Look for the Archives to finally be complete in early 2012, possibly in February! We will have a grand total of over 3000 ARTICLES, INTERVIEWS & REVIEWS covering the entire 13 year history of the Wormwood Chronicles when this is all done.
Yes, those were just some of the highlights for 2011, but I'm hoping 2012 will bring us even more success. SCIENCE MARCHES ON!!!!