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posted Dec 12, 2011, 2:02 PM by Mike Korn
There's more Gwar-themed lunacy this week from Wormwood Chronicles! Last week, I gave a blow by blow description of what a live GWAR show was really like. This week, I get to talk to the nefarious ringmaster of this nightmare circus, ODERUS URUNGUS himself. Yep, Dr. Mality meets Oderus Urungus (aka Dave Brockie) in this irreverent and highly offensive interview where Oderus describes GWAR's attempts to spread their brand to film and comics, their dangerous boat excursion and their many diverse influences. It's a great way to cap off the holiday season and it's all right HERE!
We have an extra large Torture Chamber this week and a really eclectic one as well. Musically, we move from atmospheric black metal to straight up 70's rock to bone-breaking death metal...we even toss in an example of TROMBONE METAL!
ARCH/MATHEOS                                                            "Sympathetic Resonance"
VEKTOR                                                                        "Outer Isolation"
FORTERESSE                                                                 "Crepuscule d'Octobre"
HIGH SPIRITS                                                               "Another Night"
DYSCARNATE                                                                "And So It Came To Pass"
FALLSTAF                                                                      "Bastard Sons of a Pure Breed"
DEMONICAL                                                                  "Death Infernal"
UNDEAD CREEP                                                             "The Ever Burning Flame"
LONELY KAMEL                                                               "Dust Devil"
THE SLAM                                                                      "Hit It!"