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posted Dec 6, 2011, 4:51 PM by Mike Korn
Wormwood Chronicles kicks off the first of two weeks focusing on the Scumdogs of the Universe, GWAR, with my in-depth look at their ruthless live assault at the Rave in Milwaukee on the cusp of Halloween night. I get down in the trenches and wind up soaked with the blood, semen and other unmentionable body fluids of ODERUS URUNGUS and his band of mutants. This concert was especially poignant because it was literally one of the last shows of COREY SMOOT, aka FLATTUS MAXIMUS, before his tragic demise. Plenty of mind-mangling photos go along with this live concert report, which also covers the sets by GHOUL and EVERY TIME I DIE! Read the grueling details HERE and get ready for my interview with Oderus himself, which will post next week!
An especially volatile edition of the Wormwood Torture Chamber awaits your pleasure this week, featuring these slices of hell:
AS YOU DROWN                                                              "Rat King"
BLACK COBRA                                                                "Invernal"
TOUCHSTONE                                                                 "The City Sleeps"
GENERATION KILL                                                           "Red, White and Blood"
GIANT SQUID                                                                 "Cenotes"
MYRATH                                                                         "Tales of the Sands"