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posted Nov 28, 2011, 5:07 PM by Mike Korn


The Angel of Death is seldom a welcome visitor....unless it happens to be one of the Bay Area's finest thrash bands, DEATH ANGEL! This week, I head into the grim lair of Death Angel (actually a very nice tour bus) to speak with longtime singer MARK OSEGUEDA! The result is a fun and breezy chat that covers the whole history of Death Angel from the early days tearing up Ruthie's Inn in Frisco to the meteoric rise, the days of exile in the 1990's and the band's triumphant return in the 21st century. I think any conneisseur of fine thrash should dig this chat, which you can find HERE!
Wormwood might be in a bit of a lull until the new year but there's still plenty you can look foward to, including interviews with GWAR and SKELETONWITCH, a new Wormwood Files on flying monsters and some hot concert reviews. The Wormcrew is also mulling their choices for Best Releases of 2011...
Perhaps some of the following will be included in those lists. Here's the latest WC Torture Chamber:
THE LIVING FIELDS                                                                   "Running Out of Daylight"
RIOT                                                                                         "Immortal Soul"
CIRCA:                                                                                      "And So On..."
SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER/ENFUNERATION                                "Split LP"
HARM'S WAY                                                                             "Isolation"
FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE                                                           "Agony"