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posted Oct 19, 2011, 5:46 PM by Mike Korn
I apologize for the delay in getting this Wormpost up, but a lot of exciting things have been happening at Wormwood Laboratories, which I will tell you about a little later. But first, let me bring your attention to the latest interview from the Doom-Master EARTHDOG! This time Dog heads to the weedy cafes of Holland to hook up with the fast-rising and oh-so-crushing instrumental band TANK86! These guys are causing waves with their "Karma To Burn Meets Candlemass on steroids" sound and their latest album "Rise". Earthdog finds out more with bassist JOCHUM VAN WEERT, which you can read HERE.
Well, what are some of the surprises we've been working on, humanoids? Well, I can tell you I just nabbed an interview with vocalist MARK OSEGUEDA from thrash metal legends DEATH ANGEL, which will be appearing here. I'll also have a review of their red-hot show with ANTHRAX and TESTAMENT in Chicago. That ain't all, either, because next week Dr. Mality has a summit meeting with everybody's favorite Antarctic mutants, GWAR! Yes, Gwar is coming to Wormood!!! Still not enough? How about talks with the occult Texan metal masters ABSU or the barbaric hordes of SKELETONWITCH? A special feature on the great PETER CUSHING? A new Wormwood files focusing on flying monsters? And there's even more I can't speak about quite yet. SCIENCE MARCHES ON!
And now the moment you've been waiting for...this week's Torture Chamber reviews!
ESOTERIC                                            "Paragon of Dissonance"
DENIAL FIEND                                       "Horror Holocaust"
SKELETAL SPECTRE                                "Occult-Spawned Premonitions"
HATESPHERE                                         "The Great Bludgeoning"
ARCKANUM                                            "Helvitismyrkr"
SISTER                                                 "Hated"