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posted Oct 8, 2011, 5:34 PM by Mike Korn


When we say we're sick here at Wormwood, we mean it! Better grab your sick bag, because this week we have an interview with Swedish death metal masters VOMITORY that's fit to make you ill! Dr. Mality talks to drum maniac TOBIAS GUSTAFSSON about what it's like being in one of Sweden's most brutal bands, as well as Vomitory's new deadly assault "Opus Mortis VIII"! He's also got a great "Spinal Tap" story to share as well as info on his other bands, TORTURE DIVISION and THE PROJECT HATE MCMXCIX! Catch all the sickening spew right HERE!
In other news, we welcome aboard another hapless member of the Wormcrew. This cosmic joker is known as THE SUN JESTER and his first Wormwood submission is a review of the new GLYDER disc which you can find a link to below. We hope to get more from this mysterious maverick! Also, to let you know, the work of filling up the Wormwood Archives continues. The Torture Chamber is now up to the letter "R". I hope to finish by the end of the year, but it will be close!
Did somebody mention The Torture Chamber? Here are the latest reviews. I defy anybody to find me a zine that covers Glyder, Absu, Korperschwache and Hail! Hornet in the same batch!!!
GLYDER                                                        "Backroads To Byzantium"
LOCK UP                                                       "Necropolis Transparent"
KORPERSCHWACHE                                         "Ignore The Need"
ABSU                                                           "Abzu"
EDGUY                                                         "Age of The Joker"
HAIL! HORNET                                               "Disperse The Curse"
MORDHELL                                                    "Suffer In Hell"
RIVERSIDE                                                    "Memories In My Head"
SCAR OF THE SUN                                         "A Series of Unfortunate Concurrencies"