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posted Sep 17, 2011, 4:53 PM by Mike Korn


This week, Wormwood proves that it will interview just about anybody, because we talk to the blood-thirsty barbarians of Midwest metal, THE HORDE! These axe-slinging purveyors of sonic violence are one of the fastest rising bands to originate from the heartland of America and their new album "Thy Blackened Reign" is a real sword-strike of epic and brutal metal. We talk to guitarist TIM MATTHEWS about the origin of THE HORDE, their love of sword and sorcery art and their plans for the future! The chat is right HERE so read on if you dare!
You may notice the left hand menu has gotten a lot larger this week. That's because we've now made the Wormwood Archives easier to access with their own separate entries. You can now explore over 300 interviews, over 1500 CD reviews and plenty of Philm Phreaks and Wormwood Files articles with the greatest of ease! We will continue to improve on this so keep watching!
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