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posted Aug 28, 2011, 8:05 AM by Mike Korn


Interview time again at Wormwood and this time we're very pleased to present EARTHDOG's fantasic in-depth discussion with JOHN PEREZ of Texas doom metal titans SOLITUDE AETURNUS! The interview covers the entire 25 year plus career of the band, looking at every Solitude album as well as the upcoming compilation of rare and unreleased tracks. Whether you're a long time fan of the band or are just curious about them, this is one WC chat you do not want to miss! Read it HERE!
Also stop by the "Inmates" section. We've just entered a bio for LORD RANDALL, in addition to PROF. JOCKO'S entry last week. In addition, the Wormwood Interview archive should finally be done this week. That means you'll have access to every interview conducted in the 12 year history of Wormwood...over 300 in all! I'm continuing work on the Torture Chamber archives and should be up to letter "O" shortly.
We're adding to the Torture Chamber with some new entries! Here are the latest:
HAMMERFALL                                              "Infected"
TOMBS                                                      "The Path of Totality"
YOB                                                          "Atma"
SEVEN WITCHES                                         "Call Upon the Wicked"
THE DWARVES                                            "Born Again"
MARDUK                                                    "Iron Dawn"
BRINGERS OF DISEASE                                 "Gospel of Pestilence"