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posted Aug 14, 2011, 10:16 AM by Mike Korn


A special treat for all you Wormslaves this time around! It's been a long time since we've heard from our Insane Dane, Jens Hellroute, but the Viking Marauder has returned in fine style! He's got an off-the-wall interview with the legendary LIPS from Canadian metal legends ANVIL! Jens and Lips discuss the finer points of weed, the heart-warming rise of Anvil after years of obscurity and the facts about digital vs. analog production! This one is a real hoot and you get to see pics of the now mop-haired Jens hanging with the Anvil boys. It's all right HERE!
We also have a wild and woolly assortment of Torture Chamber review for you to peruse. Here they are...
FULLFORCE                                                         "One"
PESTILENCE                                                        "Doctrine"
KATANA                                                             "Heads Will Roll"
MANILLA ROAD                                                    "Playground of the Damned"
UNEARTH                                                           "Darkness In the Light"
URIAH HEEP                                                        "Into the Wild"