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posted Aug 6, 2011, 5:22 PM by Mike Korn
This is a big one, humanoids! MORBID ANGEL are rightly considered the fathers of death metal and recently they have returned to action with a super-controversial album that has really rocked the boat in the DM world. Well, your ill-bred but intrepid compadre The Good Doctor recently dived into the heart of the controversey by interviewing singer/guitarist DAVID VINCENT, who has returned to the Morbid ranks after a long absence. What does Mr. V think of all the hub-bub? What are his thoughts on new members TIM YEUNG & DESTRUCTHOR? What's the status of drummer Pete Sandoval? And what's next for these guys? Find out right HERE!
We also have more Torture Chamber reviews and this batch is weirder than most. Dive into the strange with these new releases:
BLACKWOLFGOAT                                                  "Dronolith"
BRENT HINDS PRESENTS                                         "Fiend Without A Face + West End Motel"
LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER                                       "Eterno Treblinka"
ARKAN                                                                 "Salam"
CANNABIS CORPSE                                                 "Beneath Grow Lights, Thou Shalt Rise"
LAKE OF TEARS                                                     "Illwill"