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posted Jul 25, 2011, 9:22 AM by Mike Korn


The esteemed LORD RANDALL makes his Wormwood interview debut with an excellent interrogation of England's most misanthropic band, ANAAL NATHRAKH! His Lordship has a sulfurous chat with vocalist VITRIOL about the latest weapon from the Anaal ammo dump, "Passion". Learn how the band constructs their torturous odes and get an insight into their nefarious lyrics, including their lament for the misunderstood executioner, "Who Thinks of The Executioner?" Randall has his own unique way with words, which gives the interview an added bite. Check it out HERE!
Here's this week's entries into The Torture Chamber...a most varied bunch indeed!
CHROME DIVISION                                                        "3rd Round Knockout"
AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED/ DESPISE YOU                         "And On And On..."
ENDSTILLE                                                                  "Infektion 1813"
NOCICEPTOR                                                               "Among Insects"
CRUACHAN                                                                  "Blood on the Black Robe"
GIVE PRAISE/VARIOUS ARTISTS                                      "Assorted 7"'s"