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posted Jul 17, 2011, 7:51 PM by Mike Korn


This week we have my interview with MIKE HILL from the intense and brooding New York band TOMBS debuting on the site. The band plays a cool and unique mixture of punishing sludgy metal and gloomy shoegazy melody that turns depression into an art form! We discuss the new Tombs album "The Path Of Tonality" as well as some of Mike's favorite non-metal bands. He's a most articulate guy and Yours Truly is his usual clueless self! Read the interview right HERE!
Big news! You can add the immortal Canadian metal band ANVIL to Wormwoo'd list of upcoming interviews. Our Insane Dane JENS HELLROUTE managed to talk to singer/guitarist LIPS between coughing attacks caused by clouds of weed smoke and the result is a classic! Add that to other upcoming interviews including MORBID ANGEL, SOLITUDE AETURNUS, ANAAL NATHRAKH and TANK86! Plus we are working on some super-secret stuff that we can't reveal yet!
This week's edition of The Torture Chamber is an excellent one! Join us as we put these new releases under the Wormwood microscope...
AMORPHIS                                                                                              "The Beginning of Times"
CIANIDE                                                                                                 "Gods of Death"
BLACK DAHLIA MURDER                                                                             "Ritual"
U.D.O.                                                                                                   "Rev-Raptor"
WHITEHORSE                                                                                          "Progression"
SPEED/KILL\HATE                                                                                    "Out For Blood"