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posted Jun 19, 2011, 12:59 PM by Mike Korn
The Wormcrew has been patrolling the entire country for the best live concert action and to prove it, we've got two new entries in our Concert Review section! The noble SOLOMON G. gives us the lowdown on a New York City gig featuring masters of doom metal ORANGE GOBLIN and THE GATES OF SLUMBER! We'll get some hot pics for this a little later on, but for now, read Sol's review HERE! Meanwhile, the redoubtable COLONEL ANGUS once again made his way to see the mighty ACCEPT in Chicago. Were the Killer Krauts better the second time he saw them? Find out HERE and also see some great live photos!
Many interesting things in the pipe here at WC. This week, I should get an in-depth review with the lead singer of the most controversial band in metal right now, MORBID ANGEL. This should be a real explosive read once it's done. I've also been informed by illustrious LORD RANDALL that he will be sending an interview with English sonic terrorists ANAAL NATHRAKH! Other upcoming interviews will include CLUTCH, THE RODS, TOMBS and VOMITORY! Plus new stuff in Philm Phreaks and the Wormwood Files!
We've got a full load of Torture Chamber reviews for you once more! See what the dope is on these hot releases:
GLEN DROVER                                                                                     "Metallusion"
DECEASED                                                                                          "Surreal Overdose"
SOURVEIN                                                                                           "Black Fangs"
GIGAN                                                                                                "Quasi-Hallucinogenic Sonic Landscapes"
SHAKRA                                                                                              "Back On Track"
VOMITORY                                                                                          "Opus Mortis VIII"