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posted Jun 4, 2011, 2:16 PM by Unknown user


Yes, you read that right! I recently got a chance to speak to His Royal Highness KING FOWLEY, outrageous frontman of the veteran death metal band DECEASED! King has long been known as one of the most outspoken characters in metal and he doesn't disappoint here! He tells us all about the outstanding new Deceased album "Surreal Overdose" as well as his transition from singer/drummer to just singer, his pick for the most overrated  metal band of all as well as the most underrated and many other spicy subjects! It's a fun read for both the living and the dead and you can read it HERE!
We've also got a wild and wooly update of the Torture Chamber, featuring a wide range of heavy bands. Here's what's on tap:
TYR                                                           "The Lay of Thrym"
ANAAL NATHRAKH                                        "Passion"
HYPERBOREAN                                             "The Spirit of Warfare"
ROTTEN SOUND                                           "Cursed"
DIA DE LOS MUERTOS                                   "Satanico Dramatico"
BONG                                                        "Beyond Ancient Space"