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posted May 21, 2011, 2:31 PM by Unknown user
And just what is a tatzelwurm, you ask? Well, humanoids, you're gonna find out! In the latest edition of the Wormwood Files, I head over the the mysterious cracks and crevices of the European Alps in search of the strange beast know by many names, but most commonly as THE TATZELWURM! Is it a reptile? An Amphibian? A mutant cat or otter? Or is it just a myth? Read on and find out by clicking HERE!
More news from the constantly updating Wormwood Archives. It looks like the PHILM PHREAK section is finally complete, although I may grab a couple of very old "print-only" stories from the early editions to add someday! We're also closing in on finishing the Interview section...I am up to the letter "P" there now. The Torture Chamber is up to letter "L" so it will be a while before that fills up.
In other news, the Wormwood Myspace page has finally been terminated. You can think the ignorant buffoons behind the destruction of Myspace for that. At one time, we were reaching a ton of people over there, but with the massive exodus of the last few months combined with increasing difficulty in navigation, there's no sense in keeping it going. Good news is, I saved many of the best Wormblogs from there and chances are they will be showing up in the "Spouting Off" section right here!
And now, this week's Torture Chamber updates...
SEIDR                                                                            "Of Winter Fire"
ASSAULTER                                                                    "Boundless!"
WHILE HEAVEN WEPT                                                       "Fear Of Infinity"
VREID                                                                            "V"
ALTERED EXISTENCE                                                        "Something Unknown"
I, THE CREATOR                                                              "I, The Creator"
CYPHERSEER                                                                  "Origins"