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posted May 15, 2011, 10:03 AM by Unknown user
It's a big week here at Wormwood Chronicles. We've got another one of the enigmatic JOE WHO?'s in-depth interviews on tap, this time with the brilliant Canadian death metal squad NEURAXIS. Joe talks to guitarist ROB MILLEY and really digs deep into the creative process behind the new Neuraxis album "Asylon". He also finds out how a band copes with a constantly changing line-up and how constant evolution has resulted in Neuraxis being a better band. It's a fascinating read which you can read right HERE!
I also want to give a ghoulish Wormwood welcome to another new member of the Wormcrew this week, the esteemed LORD RANDALL! If this name seems familiar, it may because His Lordship was a long-time contributor to the sadly missed print version of METAL MANIACS magazine, I look forward to working more with this scribe and you can check out his first review of the new BELIEVER album below!
Speaking of which, here are this week's new Torture Chamber entries for your perusal...
BELIEVER                                                                                               "Transhuman"
PAGAN'S MIND                                                                                        "Heavenly Ecstasy"
RED FANG                                                                                              "Murder The Mountains"
VASTUM                                                                                                "Carnal Law"
ORIGIN                                                                                                  "Entity"
THINNING THE HERD                                                                                "Oceans Rise"